Thursday, May 3, 2018


Yes, in the Extraordinary Form, it's called a sermon not a homily--very ecumenical to call it a sermon so that we are in sync with our Protestant brothers and sisters. 

Archbishop Sample's sermon and sermon only:



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Transcript of Ab. Sample's sermon: HERE

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A significant Crisis article about Saturday's Mass at the National Shrine and its portent for the future:

The Latin Liturgy Appeals to Catholic Youth

"Not only was the nave crowded with young people, but the sanctuary was filled with rows and rows of young priests and seminarians, vested in cassock and surplice. It was a stunning snapshot of, what many thought, was a long buried past. But what was really stunning is that is the wave of a pulsating dynamic future. It was Catholic springtime in the 2018 springtime of Washington, D.C. While the bursting apple blossoms vied for attention, they couldn’t compete with the stirring beauty of Catholic young people hungry for God."

"Make no mistake, this past Saturday in Washington, D.C.’s Basilica was, in Karl Jasper’s portentous phrase, an axial moment. A turning point, from which future ages could mark a pivotal change in perspective, a tectonic shift in cultural movement. In Archbishop Sample’s sermon: “Maybe the experience of these young people growing up with the ordinary Form did not carry within it the beauty, reverence, prayer, and fullness of the sense of mystery, transcendence and awe that the Traditional Mass has provided for them.” Though the archbishop couched his words demurely, words of agreement must be shouted loudly."