Tuesday, May 22, 2018


It appears also that the pope has heard word from cardinals and bishops that His Holiness is hyper critical himself, judgemental and arrogant in pointing out others faults: Francis told the bishops he wasn’t sharing these concerns to “beat you up,” but rather as points for further “dialogue and reflection.” He also said he wanted to hear their questions, even their criticisms, because “it’s not bad to criticize the pope, it’s useful.”

Unfortunately the Holy Father doesn't see the plank in his own eye in not living up to his lofty desire above when it comes to the Dubia cardinals and their questions, concerns and criticism!

Pope Francis: it is not a sin to criticize the Pope

The Pope told Italy's bishops to speak openly about their concerns
Pope Francis has told the Italian bishops that it is “not a sin to criticise the Pope here” as he opened their General Assembly.

The Pope revealed three “worries” during his speech: the decline in vocations, financial scandals, and the reduction and merging of dioceses.

He encouraged the bishops to “speak openly”, urging them to tell him “all the words, your concerns, criticisms – it is not a sin to criticise the Pope here, yes, not a sin – and inspirations that you carry in your hearts.”


Marc said...

"[I]t’s not bad to criticize the pope, it’s useful."

It's especially useful to Francis because it helps him to identify whom to fire.

TJM said...


LOL - no you must be mistaken. He's Mr. "Mercy!"

Carol H. said...

Marc, I'm afraid I thought the same thing. He wants to weed out all who oppose the liberal agenda to change the Church.

Lord God, please have Mercy on us all!

CharlesG said...

@Marc, Exactly. Just like Chairman Mao letting a hundred flowers bloom so he can identify and cut down his critics...