Sunday, May 27, 2018


Anyone out there who blogs using "Blogspot" as I do? In the last few days, I am no longer getting emails of comments awaiting moderation. So I don't know that I have new comments to moderate and post except if I go into my blog and it's comment "awaiting moderation" section to see if there are any I need to moderate and post.

I haven't changed any of my settings. Is anyone else blogging having the same issue and how do you contact blogspot about questions like this???????


rcg said...

Y are probably locked out until ypu accept the new EU standards for sharing personal information. Check the inbox searching on ‘new privacy’.

Jacob said...

The next domino to fall is Argentina. The vote is June 9th to legalize abortion. The pope and the bishops are silent as a morgue just as in Ireland. How can this be happening?

Anonymous said...

Pope and bishops silent as a morgue? Hardly.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 14, 2018 / 05:01 pm (ACI Prensa).- As the Argentine congress debates legalizing abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, the country's bishops called for a special time of prayer for life, especially for the unborn child.
“Prayer has a transformational power which will aid the discernment of those who have the responsibility to make a decision of such magnitude,” the Argentine bishop's conference stated. -

"As Argentina opens abortion debate, pope urges defense of life" Published March 18, 2018, 7:18 AM -

"Pope tells Argentine Bishops to use doc restricting communion for pro-aborts" -