Thursday, May 3, 2018


Please, please, please be fake news but.....

New Bishop of Innsbruck appointed by Pope Francis Wears Groovy Plastic Chasuble in 2004 as a priest

Austrian Bishop Possesses A Transparent Plastic Chasuble

The museum of the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, Austria, has presently displayed exhibits belonging to the new bishop of Innsbruck, Hermann Glettler who was consecrated in December 2017.

Among the exhibits is a 2004 photo of Glettler wearing a transparent "chasuble" made from plastic. The photo is also on the cover of this years's catalogue of the museum.

Glettler believes in female priests. His appointment was enthusiastically praised by the commercial media.


rcg said...

Don’t Germans beleive in gnomes, too?

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Oh, if only he was wearing a Superman outfit under that "vestment." :-)

God bless.

Gene said...

Well, given how many crazy Priests there are today, I'm glad he wore something under it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to track this to any credible source.

"Choosing Him" reports the story. It also has a story "Was Avicii An Illuminati Sacrifice?"

"The Eponymous Flower" reports the story. It also castigates Pope Francis for using Eucharistic Prayer III.

Damian Thompson tweeted about it, citing "Choosing Him." runs the story. It also says Cardinal Nichols has defended the murder of Alfie Evans.

I can see a pic of the pic on the Admont Abbey Museum site, but can't seem to get to any description of it...

Anonymous said...

Kind of a silly topic.
Isn't it more important (and interesting) that the Speaker of the US House fired its chaplain so they could have a non-Catholic?
I'm pretty sure that if he was fired by a Democrat, Father McDonald and the usual crew would be through the roof.

House Chaplain Rescinds Resignation in Scorching Letter to Paul Ryan

The chaplain of the House of Representatives, whose ouster by Speaker Paul Ryan blew up the Capitol last week, has rescinded the resignation he had previously submitted at Ryan’s request.

In a two-page letter sent to the speaker on Thursday, Conroy also claimed Ryan’s chief of staff, Jonathan Burks, suggested that the Republican leadership would prefer to have a chaplain who wasn’t Catholic. Conroy mentions, as has been previously reported, that it was Burks who came to see him on April 13 asking for a letter of resignation.

“I inquired as to whether or not it was ‘for cause,’” Conroy writes, “and Mr. Burks mentioned dismissively something like ‘maybe it’s time that we had a Chaplain that wasn’t a Catholic.’” Burks also mentioned Conroy’s November prayer on tax reform, which some viewed as hostile to the GOP legislation, as well as an interview with the National Journal Daily that some Republicans didn’t appreciate.

Conroy takes issue with Ryan’s public argument that the firing was because Conroy wasn’t meeting members’ pastoral needs.

“In fact, no such criticism has ever been leveled against me during my tenure as House Chaplain,” he writes. “At the very least, if it were, I could have attempt to correct such ‘faults.’ In retracting my resignation I wish to do that.”

He adds that he doesn’t want his resignation “to be construed as a ‘constructive termination.’”

“You may wish to outright ‘fire’ me, if you have the authority to do so, but should you wish to terminate my services, it will be without my offer of resignation,” he said.

Father Conroy’s forced resignation exploited tensions between Catholic and Protestant Republicans on the Hill. His letter rescinding that resignation will make it much, much worse.

Anonymous said...

What a total idiot.

That guy obviously couldn’t make it in the world so he became a priest. Because apparently the Church will allow the clergy to live immoral lives, spread heresy, and be as much as a wierdo as you want.

How sad to see that the Catholic Church that I have loved since birth has become a joke. Yes a joke. Look at that picture. A grown man.......a MAN....... photographed in all his weirdness and in a position of authority. What a total joke. How in god’s name is this the same Church that existed before Vatican II. It has been reduced to a bunch of perverted weirdos. It’s not even sad anymore just pathetic.

TJM said...

Conroy sounds like a typical left-wing loon - bigtime entitlement mentality. His Congressional "supporters" are leftists who exploit religion for political purposes.

ByzRus said...

That image will do wonders for vocations...of REAL men.

For comparison:

Anonymous said...

No humor in this at all—just so sad...