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Pope Emeritus Benedict breaks silence: speaks of ‘deep crisis’ facing Church post-Vatican II

March 16, 2016 ( -- On March 16, speaking publicly on a rare occasion, Pope Benedict XVI gave an interview to Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference, in which he spoke of a “two-sided deep crisis” the Church is facing in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. The report has already hit Germany courtesy of Vaticanist Guiseppe Nardi, of the German Catholic news website

Pope Benedict reminds us of the formerly indispensable Catholic conviction of the possibility of the loss of eternal salvation, or that people go to hell:
The missionaries of the 16th century were convinced that the unbaptized person is lost forever. After the [Second Vatican] Council, this conviction was definitely abandoned. The result was a two-sided, deep crisis. Without this attentiveness to the salvation, the Faith loses its foundation.
He also speaks of a “profound evolution of Dogma” with respect to the Dogma that there is no salvation outside the Church. This purported change of dogma has led, in the pope's eyes, to a loss of the missionary zeal in the Church – “any motivation for a future missionary commitment was removed.”

Pope Benedict asks the piercing question that arose after this palpable change of attitude of the Church: “Why should you try to convince the people to accept the Christian faith when they can be saved even without it?”

As to the other consequences of this new attitude in the Church, Catholics themselves, in Benedict's eyes, are less attached to their Faith: If there are those who can save their souls with other means, “why should the Christian be bound to the necessity of the Christian Faith and its morality?” asked the pope. And he concludes: “But if Faith and Salvation are not any more interdependent, even Faith becomes less motivating.”

Pope Benedict also refutes both the idea of the “anonymous Christian” as developed by Karl Rahner, as well as the indifferentist idea that all religions are equally valuable and helpful to attain eternal life.

“Even less acceptable is the solution proposed by the pluralistic theories of religion, for which all religions, each in its own way, would be ways of salvation and, in this sense, must be considered equivalent  in their effects,” he said. In this context, he also touches upon the exploratory  ideas of the now-deceased Jesuit Cardinal, Henri de Lubac, about Christ's putatively “vicarious substitutions” which have to be now again “further reflected upon.”

With regard to man's relation to technology and to love, Pope Benedict reminds us of the importance of human affection, saying that man still yearns in his heart “that the Good Samaritan come to his aid.”

He continues: “In the harshness of the world of technology – in which feelings do not count anymore – the hope for a saving love grows, a love which would be given freely and generously.”
Benedict also reminds his audience that: “The Church is not self-made, it was created by God and is continuously formed by Him. This finds expression in the Sacraments, above all in that of Baptism: I enter into the Church not by a bureaucratic act, but with the help of this Sacrament.” Benedict also insists that, always, “we need Grace and forgiveness.”


Mark Thomas said...

It is interesting to hear Churchmen complain about the loss of Catholic missionary zeal and the destruction of belief in the teaching of "no salvation outside the Church."

Pope Benedict XVI is a staunch ecumenist. He defended and promoted the ecumenical agenda that has for decades ravaged the Church's missionary zeal and belief in the dogma Extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Pope Benedict XVI prayed and worshiped in a Lutheran church, a synagogue, mosque...approved countless ecumenical/interreligious encounters with non-Catholics and non-Christians.

Pope Benedict XVI gave us Assisi III, which featured atheists, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Baha’ism, Confucianism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism, Mandaeism, and "Traditional Religions' such as those found in Africa, America and India.

Here is a clip from Assisi III. In Saint Mary of the Angels Basilica at the 4:30 mark, Wande Abimbola, a priest of the African Yoruba religion, chanted an invocation to the god Okulun. At the 5:25 mark, we see Pope Benedict XVI, seated behind the pagan priest, who continued his (the pagan priest) address.

Is there any wonder as to why a great many Catholics believe that one religion is just as good as another? They witness their Popes participating in such nonsense as the above. They witness their Popes participating in religious services held in Protestant churches. They witness their Popes praying in synagogues and mosques.

Catholics witness Cardinals and bishops bowing to priestesses to receive "blessings". Next year, Catholics will witness their Pope commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Revolt from the True Church.

In 2011 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI said of Martin Luther that "Luther’s thinking, his whole spirituality, was thoroughly Christocentric:" Pope Benedict XVI also declared that it "was the error of the Reformation period that for the most part we could only see what divided us and we failed to grasp existentially what we have in common in terms of the great deposit of sacred Scripture and the early Christian creeds.

That is ecumenism. We were wrong for centuries about Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolt. But suddenly, thanks to the ecumenism and interreligious "dialogue," Catholics have overcome errors of the past in regard to our understanding of non-Catholic churches, communities, and non-Christians.

I am sorry. As much as I love Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, it baffles me to read tat he has lamented the loss of Catholic missionary zeal and belief in "no salvation outside the Church."

As long as Popes, Cardinals, and bishops continue to pray and worship with non-Catholics and pray in non-Christian religious settings, then millions of Catholics will lose belief in the uniqueness of the Catholic Church. It is unbelievable to me that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI does not grasp that reality.


Mark Thomas

Rood Screen said...

I wonder if Pope Francis believes unrepentant souls go to hell, and that salvation comes only through the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

So Mark, would you rather that Catholics say, not engage with Baptists and other Protestant conservatives on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage? No ecumenical services say to observe the tragic Roe decision? You think it is great that Christianity is divided, but hey, lets just sit back in our fort?

Anonymous said...

This interview reads almost "Trump"-like. I bet it's a fake.

Charles G said...

We don't know how things like baptism of desire, invincible ignorance, following the law of God in the heart (per St. Paul), etc. -- all pre-Vatican II concepts by the way -- work exactly, and therefore salvation through such invisible connections to the Church is very unclear, and one can never be sure. Also, with regard to the controversial issue of the Jewish covenant, whether or not it is superseded, we don't know exactly what its salvific effect is. Only the visible Church on earth has the true Sacraments instituted by Christ as clear channels of grace availing unto salvation, and therefore there is every reason to evangelize, carry out missions to the heathen and respond to the Great Commission, even in this latter, benighted age.

Dorota said...

Mark Thomas,
how can you consistently defend Pope Francis, and not appreciate the change in Pope Benedict? You are always pleased with the first (or at least ready to and downplay and defend what he says and does contrary to Church teaching) and always displeased with the latter.
Say Pope Francis started talking like a Catholic, or better still - like a pope, would you hold it against him?

Mark Thomas said...

Dorota said..."Mark Thomas, how can you consistently defend Pope Francis, and not appreciate the change in Pope Benedict? You are always pleased with the first (or at least ready to and downplay and defend what he says and does contrary to Church teaching) and always displeased with the latter."

Dorota, I am displeased with the Papal novelties and prudential decisions that, beginning decades ago, have failed beyond question to renew the Church. Beginning with Pope Venerable Pius XII, our Popes in major fashion have inflicted upon us reforms related to liturgy, Sacraments, ecumenism/interreligious "dialogue", fasting, Friday abstinence...on and on, that have weakened the Church.

However, I believe that the Popes in question acted in good faith and were/are holy men. There are Traditional Catholics who insist, beginning usually with Pope Saint John XXIII, that our Popes were heretics, schismatics, Freemasons, and communists who were determined to destroy the Church.

In particular, there are Traditionalists who daily mount vicious and false attacks against His Holiness Pope Francis. I have defended Pope Francis against said attacks. I imagine that that is why you perceive my being pleased with everything that Pope Francis has said and done.

In fact, in keeping with Catholic charity, and in line with Pope Francis' insistence that he welcomes frank discussion and criticism of his Pontificate, I have offered respectful criticism of various statements and prudential decisions that he has made.

In regard to my supposed displeasure with Pope Benedict XVI, I have often referred to Pope Benedict XVI in response to criticisms that Traditionalists have launched against Pope Francis. For example, there are Traditionalists who have labeled as "heretical" social teachings and ecumenical policies advanced by Pope Francis.
In turn, I responded to said attacks by having quoted Pope Benedict XVI's very promotion of those very teachings. Perhaps you have read into that my supposed displeasure of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Anonymous said..."So Mark, would you rather that Catholics say, not engage with Baptists and other Protestant conservatives on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage? No ecumenical services say to observe the tragic Roe decision? You think it is great that Christianity is divided, but hey, lets just sit back in our fort?"

I would rather that we did not pray and worship with non-Catholics as for century upon century, Holy Mother Church insisted that such displeased God. In light of that which the Church had taught for centuries, please explain what good has come, for example, from Popes praying inside synagogues and mosques?

It was Pope Venerable Pius XII who, in 1948 A.D. and 1949 A.D., had opened the door to Catholic participation in the Ecumenical Movement. However, he did not pray and worship in non-Catholic and non-Christian houses of worship. Nevertheless, he was recognized as a great friend of and even father figure to non-Catholics.

Pope Venerable Pius XII, for example, was recognized by Jews as their great friend and defender. He was praised by Jews and the secular world for his tremendous defense and care of Jews. However, he did not visit and pray in mosques as is the Papal custom today.

Pope Venerable Pius XII and, for that matter, Pope Saint John XXIII, proved that one could love, respect, and forge peaceful contacts with non-Catholics without having to pray and/or worship inside their churches, synagogues, and temples.

It is more than possible to establish peaceful and meaningful relationships with non-Catholics without having to bow before them to receive "special blessings" as do today's Catholic Churchmen.

Finally, in regard to your comment about divided Christianity, the only authentic way to establish unity with non-Catholics is to strengthen the True Church and make Her liturgy and the life of the Church as beautiful, powerful, and attractive as possible. Wreckovating our Mass and churches, and watering-down our teachings in the name of ecumenism, so as not to "offend" non-Catholics, has flopped dramatically.


Mark Thomas

Jusadbellum said...

Why this is so baffling to theologians is beyond me: we're talking about two related but distinct things. Our jobs, and God's "job".

On the day of the Ascension, we, humanity, got "out job" - to be His disciples and make disciples of all the nations.... and God has his job - in the Holy Spirit to go on inspiring souls to be disposed to hear this Gospel and find a relationship with the Son so as to be delivered to the Father.

So far as is humanly possible, the Church is essential. We can't assume that God works directly with many souls apart from our efforts. On the other hand we can't believe He DOESN'T act in ways known only to God and the soul in question to bring people to know what is needed so as to choose the good and reject evil.

Still, He wouldn't have given us the Great Commission if there was an easier alternative, a smoother, surer path to the Father!

Thus the missionaries of all ages up to the mid-20th century were not failures! The only failures were the Europeans in Europe (or us in the contemporary English speaking post-Christian West).

I believe this is due to modernism - to cease believing what we profess to believe. To cease accepting that Jesus is Lord and we are disciples, not the lords of this organization called "Church".

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post as Anonymous: My OpenID doesn't work.

From Bee:

I have two thoughts on this.
Last Sunday the priest at Mass said in his homily, "We know nothing unholy can enter heaven."


On another blog I follow a commenter noted; "The default position is not that everyone goes to heaven and only some really bad people go to hell. Just the opposite is true." The default position is that we are all sinners and deserve hell, no?

We've been through a bad time these past 50 or so years in our Catholic Church. The smoke of Satan indeed!

Mark Thomas said...

I said that "Pope Venerable Pius XII, for example, was recognized by Jews as their great friend and defender. He was praised by Jews and the secular world for his tremendous defense and care of Jews. However, he did not visit and pray in mosques as is the Papal custom today."

I should have said that Pope Venerable Pius XII "did not visit and pray in synagogues as is the Papal custom today."

Pope Venerable Pius XII helped to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews. He was praised universally for having aided the Jews during the Nazi reign of terror. In particular, Jews praised him repeatedly for the aid and comfort that he had rendered unto them during the years of Nazism.

Pope Venerable Pius XII proved that a Pope could be a friend and brother to Jews without his having visited and prayed in synagogues. Today, thanks to interreligious "dialogue", visits to synagogues, and even participation in Jewish religious services, our Churchmen have sent the following message to Catholics: The Church and New Covenant do not apply to Jews.

Ecumenism and interreligious "dialogue", at least as it's been practiced for decades by our Churchmen, have all but destroyed among Catholics the missionary spirit and belief that Catholicism is the True Religion that each person on earth is called by God to embrace.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

I have left for the S.S.P.X. I had no choice when my soul is at stake a man must do the right thing. If you feel you can be saved by giant puppets, altar girls, female lectors, felt banners, rock, folk, mariachi music, communion in the hand while standing, holding hands, kiss of peace, liturgical dancing girls in leotards looking like Roman vestal virgins and yes I said that because some MAN has to say it, people wearing shorts, sandals, tank tops, nuns dressed in skirts, earrings, makeup, protesting against income equality, praying to gaia, bishops and priests who will not teach the Holy Faith and promote sodomy well then go for it and I will put my faith in the S.S.P.X. WHO STILL HOLD TO THE ROMAN FAITH whether you call them names or not. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre will one day be raised to our altars, when high altars return and the man-made Novus Ordo will be a thing of the past good luck to all here.

Anonymous said...

The global Left has succeeded in dividing America by race, creed, religion, gender, political, and by installing Obama, does one really think a nobody senator from Chicago and street organizer became the president of these United States by accident? No I will not say he was born in Kenya or he is a "secret" Muslim, yet his sympathies do lie with Islam that is no secret we who are adults see and know that. The Left in America love to say well these "people" wish it was the 1950's again when blacks knew their place, Christianity was the dominant faith, Anglo's made up the predominate race and so forth. Well the 1950's were not perfect and the civil rights act was needed but look at what has happened to the USA since then folks, look at the news on television daily and you tell me was the 1950's the better time or the chaos and hatred of the United States today? Donald Trump has millions of American voters who will vote for him this year are they all Nazis, racists, bigots, xenophobes, I myself know of many African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, and yes even gays who will be voting for him this year are they Nazis as well? The GOP has shown us what they really are and fear that their power and money will not longer be a given if Mr. Trump becomes the nominee and maybe the president.

TJM said...

Anonymous you had me until you interjected the word GOP. It is the Democratic Party and its auxiliary who are going batshit over Trump because he is a threat to the Abortion Party and its evil minions (which unfortunately include faux bishops and priests of our Church).