Thursday, March 5, 2015


There is word from the Praytell blog that indicates that Pope Francis had originally wanted to pick Archbishop Piero Marini to be the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship. The gossip at Praytell fomented by Fr. Anthony is that this pick was panned from the highest source, implying it was Pope Benedict. Now, if true, that would be juicy.

However, the last time I checked there are only two higher sources in the Holy See, the current Pope, Pope Francis (Pope Benedict has made it clear that his resignation was of his own free-will, so he isn't the pope anymore, just the pope-emeritus) and the Holy Spirit. Who panned Piero Marini? It would seem to be one of these two higher sources, Pope Francis realized he wasn't the man for the job or the Holy Spirit intervened and convinced Pope Francis that he wasn't the man for the job.

Who did the Holy Spirit pick, I mean, Pope Francis pick? It was Cardinal Robert Sarah who has impressed us already about his excellent Afro-centric Catholic morality as it concerns sexuality and marriage and now he is impressing us with his theology of the liturgy which seems to be very much in line with Pope Benedict's! This is wonderful news to say the least!

The post below this one gives some insights into how Cardinal Sarah will lead the CDW, but a commenter at praytell, Stanislaus Kosala, gives some other wonderful insights:

1. Cardinal Sarah appeared at the publication event of the proceedings of the Sacra Liturgia Conference which promoted the reform of the reform. (Alcuin Reid was one of the main organizers of this event and himself was present there)
2. Sarah seems close to the French Community of St. Martin which is very reform of the reform. (Cardinal Siri was one of its founders)
3. Sarah has decried liturgical deviations which occurred as a result of misinterpretation of the spirit of the council.
4.  It seems that in his new book, Cardinal Sarah decries novelties and experimentation in the liturgy and praises Ratzinger’s book “Spirit of the Liturgy.” He is also visiting a parish in Paris tomorrow where the extraordinary form is celebrated.


Michael said...

This is, indeed, encouraging to hear. Many prayers for Cardinal Sarah and all who seek to revitalize the celebration of the Mass in line with what has gone before.
~the one formerly known as "quicumquevult"

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

There are Catholics who argue that the 1965 A.D. Roman Mass contains the (Roman) liturgical reforms envisioned by the Council.

Monsignor Klaus Gamber declared the following:

"As recently as May 28, 1966, in an official letter written on behalf of the Pope and addressed to the Abbot of Beuron, who had sent to the Pope a copy of the new (post-Council) edition of the Schott-Missal, then Cardinal Secretary of State Cicognani stated, “The singular characteristic and primary importance of this new edition is that it [the revisions of 1965] reflects completely the intent of the Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.”

Father, what is your take on the above?

Is the solution to the "liturgical wars" to return simply to the 1965 A.D. Roman Mass to serve, for example, as the Ordinary Form of Mass?

Or even to serve, if you will, as the one fused OF/TLM of the Latin Church?

Thank you.



Rood Screen said...


The council called for a reintroduction of the Bidding Prayers, vernacular translations of the biblical readings (which were to become more varied), a revised calendar, etc. It makes no more sense to say they were doing it right then, with reference to VCII, than it does to say we are doing it right today.