Friday, January 17, 2014


The synopsis that is given by Vatican Radio of Pope Francis' homilies at the chapel of his place of residence at the Vatican Motel 6 really doesn't do justice to what the pope actually says in Italian. Since there is a video of his homilies, it would seem that Vatican Radio would do well to simply show the video of Pope Francis preaching in Italian with accurate subtitles in the vernacular below his speaking. Dynamic equivalence in translation which has proven itself to be a disaster for the translation of the liturgy into the vernacular, only recently resolved in the marvelous new and wonderfully literal translation of the Mass into English, so too does a dynamic equivalency in translating Pope Francis' Italian homilies with wonderful Italian colloquialisms, do injustice to the pope's words.

Keep in mind as you read the accurate literal translation of this brief portion of Pope Francis homily yesterday, that he is decrying the expenditure of money due to the sex abuse scandals on a day that he has an audience with Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles who is responsible for building a cathedral complex costing more than $100 million and costing the archdiocese even more millions than that on lawsuits due in large part to his mismanagement of clergy that he was charged to supervise.

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Православный физик said...

That is my "home" and spiritual mismanagement....May God have mercy on Cardinal Mahony