Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This video creates mixed emotions in me. In the Extraoridnary Form of the Mass, these issues simply did not exist. You came to the altar railing, knelt, waited for the priest to come to you, slightly tilted your head back, slightly extended your tongue and you received.

Today, though, we have so, so many issues with the ways in which people approach the "minister" of Holy Communion, the styles of reverence and the accidents that can and do happen and usually every Sunday.

In the name of God and all that is holy, shouldn't this video tell us something? After 40 years of receiving Holy Communion standing and either on the tongue or in the hand, there are problems, not the least of which is people rushing, Sacred Crumbs falling and people taking the host back to the pew, home or worse yet discarding it on the floor or outside the Church. Enough is enough. The bishops need to wake up and stop the madness! The Extraordinary Form's manner of distributing Holy Communion never had such issues and doesn't today either. Isn't it time to allow the EF to exert its influence on the OF and how people receive Holy Communion during the OF?


Anonymous said...


"Isn't it time?" Indeed it is.

The year before Summorum Pontificum was promulgated, Alice von Hildebrand had a private audience with the Holy Father. There, face to face, she urged him to free the Traditional Mass, and pressed him as to when he would do it. He answered, and the exchange, some months later, leaked out.

The same needs to be done regarding the Reform of the Reform. Would some brave soul with credentials, or even a humble priest, have the temerity to shake the Holy Father's hand at some Wednesday audience when he's receiving books and teddy bears, and ask him, "Holy Father, how long?"

Benedict XVI is 85. While I personally benefit daily from his gift of Summorum Pontificum, before he goes to his reward, he owes us something more. He owes us an encyclical not on the theological virtues, but on the Sacred Liturgy. He can do it. He must do it.

Is there no one with the courage of that little old lady?

Gene said...

Jon, No.

Joseph Johnson said...

This little video would be good for my the confirmation class I teach!

Anonymous said...

"The bishops need to wake up and stop the madness!"
Pardon me Father if I seem impertinent myself but 1)you really shouldn't disrespect the bishops. What kind of example is that for the flock? and 2) haven't you introduced more forms of receiving that other parishes haven't? - so aren't you in a way adding to the confusion and thus making a self fulfilling prophecy?

Gene said...

Anon, No one is "disrespecting" the Bishops. They are not infallible and when they act stupid they should be called on it.
Nothing Fr. has done is radical, confusing, or non-traditional, except that he has continued the post Vat II non-tradition of receiving in the line at S&S cafeteria or at a Baptist picnic.

William Meyer said...

I was pleasantly surprised on Sunday, as we attended a parish we have only twice before visited, to see that the (4) altar servers used patens during the serving of the Eucharist. And they used them well, not as mere decoration, which suggests to me that they have had some training in how to use them for those who receive on the tongue, and for those who receive in the hand.

In this area, the use of the paten is rare, in my observation. Another loss due to the radical changes which came after the Council.

Unknown said...

I have one word for that video, kinda:


There isn't much more to say...except that we should probably start following the discipline of the Holy Father, unless of course that is one of those a'la carte disciplines...

And why didn't they show ANYONE kneeling to receive? Isn't that a viable option as well?

As I word, sorta: