Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm posting this on my IPhone having just watched an interview with Cardinal Burke on the Mass.

From what he indicated, my most humble opinion is that one day the 2012 Missal will restore The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar but with a joint confiteor to eliminate useless repitition. This will be followed by the Introit, Kyrie, Gloria and collect with the greeting prior to the Collect.

The traditional Offertory Prayers will be restored.

Holy Communion will be distributed Kneeling. Apart from these changes everything remains as is in the Ordinary Form.


Joseph Johnson said...

Where can I see this interview?

Mike said...

I believe that this is the link

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It was another interview last night on Raymond Aroyo's "The World Over" on Ewtn where he says basically the same thing as in the video.

Unknown said...

Interesting that you note those things Father, as they are the very same things that we have been banging on for the last few days (specifically) in your comboxes.

Incidentally, there is no such thing as the 2012 Missal. That is a misnomer. It is merely the revised English translation of the 3rd ed. of the Revised Missale Romanum. There is no separate 2012 Missal, perhaps that isn't what you meant, but that is exactly how it came about.

I think it important to note that the stripping and changing of the Offertory, as His Eminence speaks is a key point to the mindset of the reformation of the Mass...just some food for thought.

Joe Shlabotnick said...

Doesn't anyone else grasp how HUGE this is? A high-ranking member of the Curia is admitting that some serious mistakes have been made in the name of Vatican II. This is more than a mere "hermeneutic of rupture" assessment. The seismic shift continues, albeit at a glacial pace.

Unknown said...

@ Joe;

This is big news to be sure, but I've known His Eminence since 1994 and he has been banging this drum as long as I've known him. It just took the red hat for him to be heard.

I remember a very spirited conversation between His Eminence, Mons. Richard Schuler and Fr. John Z on this very issue over lunch one Sunday. It was an eye-opening experience and that is the seminal moment which truly set me on the path of Traditionalism.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Andy tell us more and if it is truly worthy I'll post it as a post!

Henry Edwards said...

"A high-ranking member of the Curia is admitting that some serious mistakes have been made in the name of Vatican II."

I doubt there's a member of the Curia who does not realize this. The problem is what to do about it. It's one thing to see that the cart's gone off into the ditch, but another to know how to get it out.