Friday, August 10, 2012


For many years the LCWR has acted as though it is a parallel "magisterium" of the Church. Their absurd justification for this comes from the "spirit" of Vatican II and the so-called new models of the Church and the new ecclesiology.

This ecclesiology emboldens groups like the LCWR, Voice of the Faithful, Call to Action and Women's Ordination Conference to act as if their deliberations are as "spirit-filled" and authoritative as that of the Pope and bishops in union with him.

The LCWR and others like them are stealth-like in their authoritarianism for they mask it under "the process of dialogue with community members" that emboldens them in their own "magisterium" which always opposes the true Church and her Magisterium.

It appears the gig is up unless there is a metanoia concerning these particular sisters. Either they get in line or dissolve and become what they are, independent, post-Christian women who want to live alone and do their own thing and have the umbrella group of the LCWR to give advice and promote their heterodoxy. .

This interview on EWTN's "The World Over" only has Raymond Cardinal Burke's strong comments on this group of dissenting sisters, but the complete interview with the Cardinal, which is not available yet, also has him reiterating his belief that the Ordinary Form of the Mass was mistakenly revised and even more poorly implemented. Hopefully that will come soon.

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rcg said...

My only complaint is describing them as 'post-Christian'. They consider that progress and growth. I think heretic is the term they are trying to avoid.