Sunday, August 1, 2010


Fr. Z saw my blog on my house rats and posted the following:
RAT EXORCISM Thanks Fr. Z, our parochial vicar, Fr. Justin Ferguson and I will wear copes and birettas for this rite of exorcism, use volumes holy water and fumigate with incense the entire house!

But then I wondered, maybe my parochial vicar is really Willard, because it is odd that all four rats were killed when I was gone. But this movie trailer is the stuff of my nightmares, even last night! Enjoy and pray that the exorcism works either on the rats or the Willard who lives in my rectory! YIKES!

From left to right, Fr. McDonald (me), Monsignor John Cuddy, retired pastor and Fr. Justin Ferguson. The question is, is Fr. Justin Willard in disguise?


:o) mg said...

Well, he DOES have whiskers.

Dan said...

Reminds me of when I was trying to be humane while ridding my house of mice. I bought several of the traps which capture the mice alive. The mice refused to use them.

Then I bought the sticky traps with the idea that I would be able to free the mice from the glue. I tried to loosen the mice with vegetable oil, but found that the mice kept drowning in the oil no matter how humane I tried to be.

I pretty much lost all comapassion at tht point.

The sticky traps seemed to work best, because they are completely open. I was able to catch several mice with one trap.

Glenna said...

From one southerner to another: My husband is a Viet Vet. Once in-country, he got up at night to get a drink of water out of the main canteen and then realized, too late, he'd swallowed a big roach. I know, its gross...sorry, I just wanted to reassure you that they don't kill you if ingested ;-)

Anonymous said...

We've had an unusually cold winter, and I live in a home with a crawlspace. The field mice got in there, chewed a hole in a furnace duct, and can be heard dancing about at night. I was not sure what this sound was until New Year's morning, when I found a dead mouse in the kitchen sink--EEEK!

New Year's day was spent in a vicious flurry of housecleaning and going from fixture to fixture, sealing up pipe entry points with steel wool and caulk. Anything edible went into sealed plastic boxes. Trays of D-Con were placed in the crawl space. I patrol outside a couple of times a week to remove any mouse carcasses I find, and thankfully have not had dead mice in the house. Yet.

I will keep the exorcism ritual bookmarked and ask my pastor to come over here and do something about the critters if they ever invade again, and I'm not being irreverent at all here! Certainly divine intervention would be very helpful in eliminating this plague!