Friday, August 13, 2010


The "spirit of Vatican II" mentality is "oh so sad!" Will it die off? It is! Time marches on the old guard gets old, feeble and dies, the younger generation takes over. Look at religious life where there is young blood and look at religious life were you hear the same old same old and see them as well. The progressive "priest" in this video captures what I was prepared to be when I was in the seminary in the liberal '70's. Don't blame me because they knew the future of the Church better than God. We were so with it back then. We knew what Vatican II meant and we were hell bent on bringing it to the parish. Now we're old and decaying and others mock us. What a life, what a life! What happened?


Gerbert said...

That is great and sad at the same time. The voice of the priest robot is played by Pater Ignotus. lol lol

Paul M. Young said...

So funny; so sad!

Henry said...

I was talking last night with a seminarian who recently attended a retreat with diocesan seminarians from four different U.S. seminaries. He said about half of them (and of those in his own seminary) plan to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass when ordained.

I inferred from his remarks that most of the others have no great problem with it, are not carrying any particular baggage, just not pointed in this direction right now.

Things in the seminary must be a bit different now.

Anonymous said...

Future Priests are the Tridentine Mass' greatest Blessing. This was encourging and made my day.