Friday, August 20, 2010



The word from Msgr. Guido Marini, papal master of ceremonies, is that the new English translation of the Gloria will be sung at the Papal Mass in England as well as some other newly translated parts of the congregation.

This is good news. I've been advocating for a long time that bishops allow pastors of parishes to prepare people for their new parts, already approved by the Vatican, as soon as possible. I know that it would not take much for my parish to receive these and to start singing and saying them with gusto!

For some reason, bishops think these parts need to be implemented all at once throughout the diocese. I recommend a more piecemeal fashion with a final date in which the entire diocese must be on board.

As I recall, when the new order of the Mass was implemented in the mid 1960's, some parishes implemented it more quickly than others. I see no reason why the new English translation couldn't be implement now in parishes that have known about what is coming for the past three years, like mine!

I recommend that we be allowed to implement the greetings, preface dialogue, Confiteor and revised Penitential Rite, Gloria, Credo and Sanctus even now.

For some reason, many bishops and priests think that the laity are too rigid to accept these changes without a lot of moaning and protesting. Evidently they don't have a very high regard for the laity and their flexibility. What do you think?



Gene said...

Fr., When will copies of the New Mass be available to the laity?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I've updated the post with a "press" link to the Bishop's website that has all of the laity's parts in the new English as well as the priest's fixed parts.

Templar said...

Perhaps some of the more recalcitrant Bishops and Pastors are hoping to retire before they have to be bothered with learning something new (or would that be old?).

Gene said...


Marc said...

Of course they underestimate the laity, that's why we have a Mass in English to begin with!

But, seriously, I can't wait to make this change. Perhaps the catechesis that accompanies it will inform people of the "dos and don'ts" of Mass and we can finally end the hand holding during the Our Father, hysteria during the Sign of Peace, etc.!

Robert Kumpel said...

No one thought we were too rigid to have the "NEW MASS" shoved down our throats in 1970.

Does anyone remember the fallout of those days, especially among older Catholics?

If a return to reverence is enough to cause a similar problem, then I guess we've come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Father, where did you come across that third picture in this post? The one at the Elevation of the Precoius Blood? That's my church parish here in Ville Platte LA - Our Lady Queen of All Saints! We now longer have solemn/high Masses in the OF and many have become "roaming" Catholics over the last two years.

Henry said...

My standard remark on matters like this would be that -- if the new translation were used this coming Sunday in a typical parish with 1100 members, then

-- the usual 10 whiners would have some objection
-- 100 people would like it very much
-- the other 1000 either wouldn't notice or wouldn't care one way or another.

However, it think this is too pessimistic, that a clear majority of folks will be well pleased with a more sacral translation.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

As to where I found the picture with the chalice being elevated, it was something I came across on an internet search. Small world!!!!! A person reading my blog from Louisiana finding their church in a picture I chose at random! Fr. AJM

Anonymous said...

Father, several times you have read mass with the new translation. When's the next time you are going to do that?

Anonymous said...

I say run with it. Let people get used to it. In this day of the internet so many have already seen it and know about it. This isn't the 70's and communication is no where near as absent as once was.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

When's the next time I'll use the new translation at Mass, well, God only knows! There's a person higher up than me who doesn't like me doing it and that person is not Jesus!