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Keep in mind that Baptists do not keep meticulous secret archives (personnel files) on their clergy like the Catholic Church does. Baptists are a loose confederation and highly congregational. If a congregation quietly fires a minister for sexual abuse and yes they would cover it up too, if they were able to do so, they would not write anything down or warn the next congregation that would hire him. They certainly did not send them for treatment! Most members would never sue their own congregation! This is Congregationalism after all.

Baptists can't go back 70 years and more to discover credible accusations either. THERE ARE NO RECORDS and members of congregations will do everything to protect their church family from scandal becoming public.

From The Washington Post:  “20 years, 700 victims” So reads part of the headline of a sweeping investigation that has found years of sexual abuse perpetrated by hundreds of Southern Baptist church leaders against an even larger number of victims. The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News reported that nearly 400 Southern Baptist church leaders and volunteers have faced sexual misconduct allegations in the past two decades. As many as 700 victims — some as young as 3 — were sexually abused, some raped… 


Anonymous said...

Bee here:

What would be interesting and relevant to many people is investigations of sexual abuse or molestation by teachers, coaches and administrators in public schools going back 50 years. And reports on what officials did about it (I heard there was a policy nicknamed "passing the trash," which was much like the Catholic Church's policy of reassigning the abuser to a new and unsuspecting school district, or at least not informing the new district of the person's behavior when asked for references.)

What also makes me laugh is the seemingly vengeful desire by those investigating to punish the organization for policy that was fixed long ago and is no longer (hopefully) practiced.

It seems the modern secularists just LOVE scandal and finger pointing. They exhibit the worst kind of behavior among those who love gossip. We need to pray for them.

God bless.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Bee's comment is on the right track.

The serious issues we have in our society surrounding sexual abuse are not a Catholic thing, not a clergy in general thing, and not a celibacy thing. It's much broader and far-reaching in our culture. There are lots of ways to approach understanding it.

The finger-pointing is, regrettably, the reaction we all, not just "secularists" have. When trouble comes to our doorstep, we look for a scapegoat. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent.

Rene Girard's work offers a lot of insight on mimetic desire and scapegoating. It also addresses the solution - the death of Christ, the ultimate scapegoat, in the cross.

Gene said...

There once was a court Priest named Rex,
Who was considered a master at sex.
By the Queen he was dating
Her ladies in waiting,
And the sheep who were all nervous wrecks.

Mark Thomas said...

The Diocese of Dallas listed 31 priests against whom "credible charges" of sexual abuse were filed.

-- The cases in question date to 1950 A.D.

-- "The list was compiled by former state and federal law enforcement officers who reviewed the files of 2,424 priests, said Dallas Diocese Bishop Edward Burns."

-- That constitutes a microscopic amount of priests — .01 percent — since 1950 A.D., against whom Dallas parishioners had filed sexual abuse charges.

-- 14 of the 31 priests in question were ordained prior to Vatican II.

-- 41 percent of the 31 priests were ordained prior to Vatican II.

-- 1 pre-Vatican II priest was ordained in 1933 A.D., during Pope Pius XI's reign.

-- 4 of the pre-Vatican II priests were ordained during Pope Saint John XIII's reign.

-- 9 of the 14 pre-Vatican II priests were ordained during Pope Venerable Pius XII's reign.


Among the 17 additional priests in question, one after another had been raised in the "pre-Vatican II Church."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston listed the names of 42 priests against whom "credible claims of child sex abuse" had been filed.

Here is a list of the names and dates of ordinations of the 42 priests:


-- 21 of the 42 priests in question had been ordained prior to Vatican II.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Here is the link to the list of Texas dioceses who've released the names of priests accused credibly of sexual assault.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Part 1...

Father McDonald-permitting, I would like to present some thoughts in regard to Pope Francis and stories about priests who've been accused of sexual abuse.

When the garbage Pennsylvania Report was released, Rorate Caeli roared out of the gate with the following preposterous, anti-Catholic article:

The Pennsylvania Truth: John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II were no saints

Rorate Caeli claimed that the discredited, satanic Pennsylvania Report — concocted to attack Holy Mother Church — "proved" that John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II were "no Saints."

"Another week and another massive scandal in the American Church. The following is an appropriate summary of the final Report of the Grand Jury investigation of the "widespread sexual abuse of children in six dioceses of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania":

"The greatest part of the horrid episodes documented by the Grand Jury report happened in the pontificates of John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II. Some happened before.

"But as the Church "opened itself to the world", according to the desire of John XXIII, worldly behaviors infiltrated the Church more and more.

"How could John XXIII and John Paul II have been canonized? Their systematic failures in the naming of bishops were monstrous. How can Francis dare beatify and now canonize Paul VI, one of the worst popes in history, whose nominations throughout the world, and in the United States, managed to make what was bad truly awful?

"Let us be honest: as administrators, John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II were no saints.

"They may have been validly included in the list of saints, but their express-rite canonizations are shown, with each passing week, to have been horrible mistakes."

One right-wing blog/twitter page after another promoted Rorate Caeli's lies in question.

Right-wing Catholic blogger/twitter Pope Francis-hating forces employed the Pennsylvania Report, then coordinated with Archbishop ViganĂ², to attack Pope Francis in hopes that His Holiness would resign as Pope.

The secular news media also did its share to attack, blame, and spur hatred of Pope Francis in regard to sexual abuse claims that had been leveled against priests.

All of the above has set the stage for Part 2.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Hey MT,

Have you ever found out what PF did to the priests involved in the cocaine fueled gay sex orgy at the Vatican? Inquiring minds want to know!

Remember the left-wing are fake catholics who support abortion and gay marriage. Do you keep company with these folks?

Mark Thomas said...

The Archdiocese of San Antonio listed 56 priests who had been accused credibly of having committed acts of sexual abuse.

-- Between 2010 A.D. to date, not one priest in San Antonio has been accused of sexual assault.

-- 28 of the 56 priests in question — 50 percent — were ordained prior to Vatican II.

-- One priest was ordained in 1905 A.D.

-- One priest was ordained in 1926 A.D.

-- The overwhelming amount of the 28 pre-Vatican II ordained priests) had been ordained during Pope Venerable Pius XII's reign.

-- Some 3,000 priests had served the Archdiocese of San Antonio during the years investigated.

That accounts for just .02 percent of priests against whom credible charges of sexual abuse had been filed.

Once again, we have a high percentage of priests accused credibly of sexual abuse who had served prior to Vatican II — during Pope Venerable Pius XII's reign.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Still waiting on your response on what PF did about that cocaine fueled gay sex orgy at the Vatican? Aren't there any lefty talking points defending it?

DJR said...

Mark Thomas said... "The Diocese of Dallas listed 31 priests against whom 'credible charges' of sexual abuse were filed."

"-- 4 of the pre-Vatican II priests were ordained during Pope Saint John XIII's reign."

Holy mackerel! That would make those four over a thousand years old. Did Dallas even exist back then?

TJM said...


Don't expect much from left-winger MT. He still has not had the intellectual honesty to report back on what Super Pope, Francis, did about the Vatican clerics involved in a cocaine fueled gay sex orgy. He just doesn't have the intellectual chops to deal with it, just like he can't deal with the fact that the left-wing of the Catholic Church supports the sacraments of abortion and gay marriage. He is consumed with "right-wingers" who are actually faithful, orthodox Catholics. Sad