Friday, February 1, 2019


Rocco Palma of Whispers in the Loggia has his sources and is usually correct. This is from him:

Seven months since now-Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was initially removed from ministry following a substantiated report of abuse (followed quickly by a second allegation), a lead Whispers op relays that the onetime cardinal – already stripped of his red hat by Pope Francis – will be dismissed from the clerical state by the Holy See within days.

By any measure, that outcome would've been unthinkable a year ago.... In many ways, it still is.

 [This] penalty hasn't yet been levied on an American prelate. Yet even more, in any context, never has a "prince of the church" been removed from the priesthood altogether.

Clearly, terms like "unprecedented" and "watershed" can easily be overemployed or misused in moments like these.

In this singular case, however, to say they apply is the height of understatement.


TJM said...

I think McCarrick's enablers in the American hierarchy deserve to be dismissed from the clerical state as well.

ByzRC said...



Fr Martin Fox said...

Entirely just in McCarrick's case. I'm glad the Holy See made it a priority.

But! Where is the full disclosure of the files? We were promised. How long does it take to go through files?

Three months ago the U.S. bishops were told to stand down, but don't worry! We'll have our February meeting, so relax.

Now, the line from Rome? Why do you have all these high expectations about the February meeting? Where did you get that idea?

TJM said...

Father Fox,

I suspect they are listening to their lawyers and PR firms, you know, the guys who helped make a bad situation much worse. Some people just never learn.

Joe Potillor said...

I'll believe it when there's an official announcement....Until then, I'll be sceptical....

Adam Michael said...

A good move, if it comes to pass.