Thursday, February 7, 2019


A white man cannot pretend to be a black man by putting on black face or he will be tarred and feathered and run out of office and never forgiven.

However, the liberal secular morals of the new puritanical godless religion of the left embraced by the democrats sees nothing offensive towards women by this image, in fact if you criticize this, you are homophobic or against lgbtq people:

Is there a double standard of hypocrisy in this secular, puritanical religion? Are their morals corrupt?

And what about people who want to change their race to white or black or native American, if they can change their gender to the opposite sex or no sex why can't they declare they are Native American?

What's up with this godless secular religion, don't they believe in logic????????????


TJM said...

This new standard also needs to be applied to smarmy "comedians" like Jimmy Fallon.

Anonymous said...

Check out the "Center for Politics" website of the University of Virginia. Longtime professor Larry Sabato founded the site, and with regard to the current Virginia controversy, the latest piece suggests the issue of Northan's yearbook pictures probably would not have surfaced had the governor not come out in favor of the third trimester abortion bill. In other words, could have been a classmate opposed to Northam's extreme views that got the picture sent to the media.

As if that is not enough, now the Virginia lieutenant governor denies a claim of sexual assault from 15 years ago, saying the "encounter" was "consensual." Of course, we are not talking about his wife, but the sin of fornication.

Wouldn't it be something if Northam is brought down because of abortion?!?!?

Dan said...

Logic is patriarchal and oppressive!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, I think he was outed by a pro-life person which shows the duplicity of this new puritanical godless secular religion dogmatically shoved down our throats. Infanticide is ignored in this religion and in fact embraced, but racism is unforgivable even when a person is no longer racist or has come to terms with his past, asked forgiveness and moves on. I think that makes many people quite angry.

TJM said...

Who would have thought the left that brought us free love and a lot of sexual diseases would become the new Puritans. However, when the winds shift in their favor, they will revert to their old ways. People who want power this badly, should never have power.

By the way, the Covington bishop was so anxious to throw that high schooler under the bus, what has the bishop of Richmond said about Northam ( I assume he is not Catholic) and the disgraceful infanticide bill?

Anonymous said...

TJM, Northam indeed is not Catholic---he is Baptist, ironically (you tend to think of Baptists as more conservative, but there is a wide variety of Baptists as we know). But perhaps the bishop of Richmond should ask the state's Catholic senator, Tim Kaine, what he thinks of the infanticide bill that was in the Virginia Legislature?

There is, of course, no difference these days between a "Virginia" Democrat and a "national" Democrat, anymore than there is a difference between a "Georgia" Democrat and a "national" one. Including Northam, Virginia has had 7 Democratic governors since the 1980s. Each has been pro-abortion.

Mark Thomas said...

Kaine says he doesn't support late-term abortion changes in controversial Virginia bill

By GRAHAM MOOMAW Richmond Times-Dispatch Feb 1, 2019

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine said this week that he does not support provisions in a Virginia Democrat’s bill that would ease restrictions on third-trimester abortions, becoming the most prominent Virginia Democrat to distance himself from the failed legislation.

Kaine, a former Virginia governor, told Capitol Hill reporters Thursday that he does not support the changes included in legislation introduced in the General Assembly by Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax.

“I support the existing Virginia law, which has been in place since the mid-’70s, and it puts conditions upon a third-trimester abortion,” said Kaine, according to a transcript provided by his office. “I support the existing law, not the Tran bill. I don’t think the existing law needs to be changed.”

As a Catholic, Kaine has long said he personally opposes abortion but supports its legality.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

MT, in other words, Kaine is just another left-wing, fake catholic

Anonymous said...

"And what about people who want to change their race to white or black or native American, if they can change their gender to the opposite sex or no sex why can't they declare they are Native American?" Did you forget about Rachel Dolezal ?

Dan said...

MT didn't plenty of German citizens and soldiers "personally oppose" Nazi policies but said "hey I'm just following orders" or "its government policies?"

This is the issue with being Catholic only part of the time....

Anonymous said...

Dan, your analogy guy would make sense if a Catholic Ddmoctrst was running an abortion clinic or working in one or performing abortions or facilitating abortions. Recognizing that abortion is legal merely allow free will — just as God grants us free will. Personally, I wish the Church was tougher on those who actually have abortions instead of pandering to them. They (and most conservatives) treat it as a purely political issue and aren’t really interesting in preventing abortions.

Dan said...

So Anonymous it seems that you disagree with the fact that Democratic Catholics are the one who PASS the laws and who always seek the excuse that "abortion is just the law and I'm just obeying" isn't in any way similar to my analogy.

Well, I disagree.

rcg said...

So it is sane for a man to dress like a mentally ill woman?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:07 AM:

So you would not hold Hitler or numerous other Nazi officials responsible for the murder of Jews and others who the National Socialists considered "undesirables" because they to their mind were not worthy of being citizens of the Third Reich?

So you would not hold them responsible since they did not personally man the gas chambers and ovens?