Friday, February 1, 2019


Now that the bishops are realizing that the feds are coming after them on the abuse scandal, each diocese has begun to release the names of priests credibly accused of abuse. Some are going back to the 1920's or before.

Each time there is a release, there is news coverage either locally or nationally.

Texas, a nation of a state, released their names at once, each diocese doing so. This is a big state and big news.

Now, I am not a bishop or the pope, but what good is the USCCB and synodality if they could not have gotten together and decided on a common date to release all names nationally so that there would be one big bombshell of a news story and then that would have covered it.

But no, each bishop or Metropolitan decides on a drip, drip, drip approach with drip, drip, drip news coverage creating even more angst and alienation among faithful clergy and laity.

Is this how to run a Church?


ByzRC said...

No. But, these are our "leaders" and we must be subordinate to their instructions, mandates and propaganda. The swamp requiring draining extends well beyond Washington it would seem.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

I think most bishops want to release the names of those credibly accused. Many have done so already.

Circumstances, however, vary from one diocese to another in terms of the staff available to prepare for release such lists. Larger places have many legal advisors and curial staff who can, with some speed, get the information together. Other, smaller dioceses, simply don't have the same resources.

A bishop would not want to delay the release of names from his diocese in order to meet an artificial deadline set by the USCCB.

I think the USCCB is hardly the culprit in this.

Remember also, this is the first time such an effort has been undertaken. The bishops have having to plow new ground, as it were, and they don't want to do it poorly.

Gene said...

Bishops "plowing new ground." LOL! Let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

"I said, "Plow new ground for yourselves, plant righteousness, and reap the blessings that your devotion to me will produce. It is time for you to turn to me, your Lord, and I will come and pour out blessings upon you."

Hosea 10:12.

Oh, yes, let's not go there...

TJM said...


LOL, some folks just can't help themselves. You know if the bishops had followed Catholic belief, we wouldn't have had such a mess. Instead of praying for guidance and kicking the miscreants out, they ran to psychiatrists, lawyers, and PR firms. That strategy of using the tools of the secular world did not help. The USCCB is pretty worthless, like much of their "membership."