Tuesday, February 5, 2019


When I was three years old we moved from Naples, Italy to Atlanta, GA around 1957. Segregation and racism were rampant in the south of that day and legalized. I remember blacks sitting at the back of the bus, water fountains marked white only and the Woolworth's counter segregated as well.

Most white people who grew up in the south thought nothing about it. It was legal and safe for them.

I always wondered about it and thought it wasn't right that in a country that taught that all people are created equal that this inequality existed. But it did and in high places.

We've come a long way but not all the way in respecting the equality of all races.

But we are still stuck in the symbolic "Jim Crow" and legalized racism of the 1950's as it concerns the dignity of every child created in the image and likeness of God. They are human beings created equal.

Why is it that normal people and their politicians support legal abortion, the killing of children and now promoting even infanticide. How does this happen in an enlightened society?

Would CNN ever show the horrors of abortion as it concerns the child that is murdered, especially the partial birth abortion as gruesome as it is? NO!

The Governor of Virginia thought nothing about wearing black face in the 1980's and showing someone in a KKK outfit for his college annual. One has to wonder about the college administration at that time too.

Little did he know that almost 40 years later that would come back to bite him and run him out of political office.

What about all those who today support the murder of children through the various abortion procedures. What will happen to them 40 years from now when the USA is more enlightened about this horror and is repulsed that it was ever legal?


TJM said...

This is why we need to toss out priests and bishops who support the Abortion Party:


TJM said...

It is pretty bad when a secular newspaper is doing what corrupt bishops and priests should be doing:


Paging Cardinal Dolan.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the Supreme Court...when they ruled it was a "right" in 1973, people undoubtedly thought, "well, if the Supreme Court says it is a right, abortion must be OK." Some states had legalized abortion prior to 1973, but ROE of course opened up the floodgates---to make matters worse, the author of ROE was not a liberal appointment of Lyndon Johnson or JFK, but rather Harry Blackmun, appointed by none other than Richard Nixon. At least 2 other Republicans joined in on ROE, then Chief Justice Warren Burger and associate justice Lewis Powell. And in 1992, Roe was upheld by a Supreme Court that was majority GOP appointees---think the likes of Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy. So don't pop open the champagne yet just because 5 of the 9 Supreme Court members today are GOP appointees---recall for instance it was Chief Justice John Roberts who provided the 5th vote to save Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

But...but...but newspapers are part of the evil, elite media who cannot be trusted ...?

How can they be cited now as doers of all things good and holy?

Cognitive dissonance anyone?

TJM said...

Anonymous (We know who),

The ultimate cognitive dissonance is a Catholic voting for the Abortion Party, and when a cleric is involved it's cognitive dissonance on steroids!

ps: you noticed it wasn't the New York Slimes or the Washington Compost, the libs viewspapers of record that printed these

TJM said...

Hey fake catholics did your "news" source mention this about Governor Infanticide?

Planned Parenthood called Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who endorsed infanticide a “champion,” but forgot to mention they donated almost $2 million to his campaign. That means the country’s largest abortion provider was Northam’s third largest contributor in 2017.

Sounds like the Gov was bought and paid for by the Devil, I mean Planned Parenthood

Anonymous said...

I have heard Catholic politicians say that they legislate pro-Choice because they are not in their office as Catholics but as representatives of a more diverse group. Why don't those Catholic politicians,after voting pro-Choice state that abortion is a bad choice and then present better choices? Part of the anger is not only that they make abortion legally acceptable, they make it sound as if it is the sound moral choice.