Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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Dear Brothers, Presidents of the Conferences of Bishops,
We turn to you with deep distress!
The Catholic world is adrift, and, with anguish, the question is asked: Where is the Church going?
Before the drift in process, it seems that the difficulty is reduced to that of the abuse of minors, a horrible crime, especially when it is perpetrated by a priest, which is, however, only part of a much greater crisis. The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence. The roots of this phenomenon are clearly found in that atmosphere of materialism, of relativism and of hedonism, in which the existence of an absolute moral law, that is without exceptions, is openly called into question.
Sexual abuse is blamed on clericalism. But the first and primary fault of the clergy does not rest in the abuse of power but in having gone away from the truth of the Gospel. The even public denial, by words and by acts, of the divine and natural law, is at the root of the evil that corrupts certain circles in the Church.
In the face of this situation, Cardinals and Bishops are silent. Will you also be silent on the occasion of the meeting called in the Vatican for this coming February 21st?
We are among those who in 2016 presented to the Holy Father certain questions, “dubia,” which were dividing the Church in the wake of the conclusions of the Synod on the Family. Today, those “dubia” have not only not had any response but are part of a more general crisis of the Faith. Therefore, we encourage you to raise your voice to safeguard and proclaim the integrity of the doctrine of the Church.
We pray to the Holy Spirit, that He may assist the Church and bring light to the Pastors who guide her. A decisive act now is urgent and necessary. We trust in the Lord Who has promised: “Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world” (Mt 28,20).
Walter Cardinal Brandmüller
Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke


TJM said...

Well said. At least we have 2 grown ups in the College of Cardinals.

rcg said...

I think sexual abuse might have been unleashed by clericalism. So what? Let’s suppose that the clergy had been involved in murder. Once we get them all sorted out then what do we do about the murders? Good grief. What sort of person thinks what happened is OK because he is a priest? We are sorting the fly specks from the pepper.

Anonymous said...

I do not expect the bishops to man-up. They are company men. And the current management wants yes-men not brave teachers of the gospel. The goal is not to rebuild after the storm; only take the insurance money & put it on the loosing horses of false ecumenism, adulterous second marriages, and mainstreaming women priestesses, and more homo sexual priests.

Never answer the 4 dubias! This one might have been answered recently anyway by Cardinal Muller.

TJM said...

Anonymous at 6:00 pm,

You are definitely NOT Kavanaugh!


George said...

As a human being, we exist not only with an incorporeal spirit, while having an insubstantial soul infused into us by God, but also with a physical body. Our body of material flesh gives our soul a sensible form and this allows us to interact with others outside of ourselves which in its pre-eminent operation is to build up the Body of Christ.
The Church has its doctrines and dogmas, its Scripture, the Word of God, and its Sacraments by which Christ and the operation of the Holy Spirit are conveyed sensibly to us and also immaterially in the form of grace. This structure of the Church provides form and matter through which God communicates Himself and His grace to us.
Now in the human body, we at times suffer afflictions and maladies, trials and tribulations. Some of these can also be of a spiritual nature. These are both exterior, in our bodies, and interior in our souls, and can come about both without fault on our part, or due to our own physical neglect or spiritual waywardness. This is true also of the Body of Christ since it is made up of beings subject to faults, temptations, and concupiscence arising out of our fallen human nature. Just as there exist remedies and treatments for what ails the body, our Church provides us with the means to overcome our sinfulness and its effects and those things afflicting the Body of Christ.
As Catholics, ours is a positive faith, one of optimism grounded in the hope of our salvation, won for us by the Blood and Water which poured forth from Christ, and in the pains and travails of the Suffering and Death of His Passion. It is the world and its message which is negative and which if embraced, engenders negativity despair and despondency. Darkness abounds, and we are to be the light which drives away the darkness-the positive which repels the negative. This light, and its positive effect, whose source is Christ, should shine forth from us in our prayers and good works and in the countenance we display to others.
It is the positive application of prayer and good works which repels the evil in the world and overcomes the negative influences and effects by which the Prince of Darkness seeks to corrupt and destroy the Faith. Just as the wind drives away the clouds so that the beneficial rays of the sun can shine through in their fulness, so also should we invoke the wind of the Spirit through our prayers, works, and sacrifices so that the Light of the True Faith can shine forth.