Thursday, October 20, 2011


Mrs. Thalia Eden, the wife of our permanent deacon Tom Eden seems to be giving the newly ordained Bishop of Savannah, Gregory Hartmayer a "to do" list and he better do it. How else would you interpret this photo taken at the reception after the ordination in Lafayette Park? I'm in a state of shock and amusement that the bishop is writing down the "to do list!"

Deacon Eden looking on in amusement too!

Of course, Mrs. Eden was only asking the new bishop to sign her program and chit chat about niceties. No badgering or "honey do lists" going on; but the pictures are great conversation pieces aren't they!


Gene said...

Bishop "to Do" list:
1. Encourage and promote EF.
2. Encourage and promote receiving on the tongue, kneeling, and in one kind in OF.
3. Eliminate EMHC's except in rare instances of true need.
4. Ad Orientum!
5. Ban Haugen hymns.
6. Get rid of sign of peace.
7. Recruit conventual nuns to our diocese. Gradually fill Catholic schools with them.
8. Require proper catechising of youth and converts.
9. Obey and promote the law of the land and quit being soft on illegals.
10. Be suspicious of the USCCB.

Philip Fisher said...

The Better "To Do" List:

Ignore numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 above.

Gene said...

Are you Phillip Fisher aka Thomas Copley, the Jesuit missionary to North America back in the 1600's, which would be Ignotus...or are you really some progressive who really is named Phillip Fisher? LOL! I'm betting on another foolish name for Ignotus.

Henry said...

Actually, Phillip, if #1 through #7 are in place, then #8 takes care of itself, and its generally vacuous enunciation can be omitted. "Right liturgy forms Catholics right."

Ave Verum said...

Ah, Pin, you just gotta getta life outside of this perpetual rant...God works all things together for good for those who love him. Meanwhile we pray, hope and don't worry so much. I know, I know...
Sorry, just hadda say that!

Henry said...

At least, Pin, he didn't have the effrontery to call himself St. John Fisher, after the lone English bishop who did not apostatize under Henry VIII. (Not that the A-word has any particular resonance here.)

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Just in case my new and wonderful bishop reads my blog, none of the comments on this blog necessarily indicates that I am in agreement with anything anyone else writes including any Bishop "to do" list. I am a humble and obedient servant of God and of course of my bishop! :)

Gene said...

Ave Verum, You are so kind...I assure you that I have a life outside the Blog. But, having a theology background, I enjoy the repartee, polemics, and, dialogue. LOL! All things do work together for good for those who love Him, but we are expected to work, speak the truth, and defend the Faith. Christ have mercy.

Ave Verum said...

Well, Father, with all due respect, you did invite comment by telling us in this post that the Bishop was being given a "to do" list. We have no preconceived idea what is going on between the Bishop and Dcn's wife in that pic--for all we know she could have been giving his Excellency her recipe for shrimp scampi? You know very well by now that Pin just always chooses to go off on his rant, no matter the topic... Believe me, this new Bishop is far more savvy than you credit him!

Nicole Stallworth said...

Fr. McDonald, God bless you. And your blog audience and commenters!

I love those pictures! Thanks for a laugh.

P. Ignotus said...

The irony is delicious! We have "stalwart Catholic" who, by his own admission, skips mass when it suits his fancy, is giving advice to our new bishop.

Extra delicious...

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph Anonymous here.
Last night I couldn't sleep and my mind was racing with all my business tasks and responsibilities.
Solace and sleep came to me with the realization that I have it easy compared to our new Bishop and his situation:
1. He is the "new guy in town"
2. He has lots of smart people with advice they want to give him.
3. He has to ensure the diocese continues on sound financial footing.
4. Most importantly he must see to the salvation of the souls of his flock.

Now if I knew of our dear deacon's wife giving him a "to do list" my attitude of gratitude of not being in our Bishop's shoes would have been even greater. I think I'll sleep very soundly tonight.

Joseph Johnson said...

Philip Fisher,
With all due respect, it is inconceivable and scandalous how any Catholic priest (or any layperson) could have the same attitude that you do in wanting to have our Diocese "ignore" the Holy Father's motu proprio granting liberal permission for all Catholic priests to, on their own initiative, offer Mass in the "Extraordinary Form" (a form of the Mass which, with minor changes over time, was the Roman Rite Mass for most of the Church's history, codified, or standardized, at the Council of Trent, and surviving into our own time).

It's one thing to prefer not to take part in certain devotions or to personally disfavor certain styles of music (I don't like the Protestant Marty Haugen's music either!). It's another thing entirely to say let's "ignore" an historic form of the Mass, a Sacrament, which many Catholics (including in this Diocese and not just in the metropolitan areas . .) find better aids their spirituality and which the Pope wants us to have as "a gift to all Catholics and not just traditionalists" (to quote Cardinal Castrillon).

A reading of Summorum Pontificum will show that the Pope (the "humble laborer in the Lord's Vineyard) apparently wants us to have the EF for its own merits as well as for the influence its renewed presence in parishes will have on the way the Ordinary Form is offered. Some, including another prominent Catholic priest blogger, call the EF part of Pope Benedict XVI's "Marshall Plan" to rebuild a Church devastated by forty years of bad Catechesis, confusion, decline and outright rebellion ("The Devastated Vineyard" by Dietrich von Hildebrand comes to mind).

None of us are sinless and I know I have my own faults and prejudices with which to struggle. As was written earlier on this blog, no one should "hate" a valid form of the Mass because the essentials are there regardless of the style or form. I will pray for you to overcome your apparently negative attitude against an equal and valid form of the Roman Rite, the Extraordinary Form. Pax vobiscum!

Althea Gardner said...

GEEZ!! Can't you people just enjoy a little humor? Everybody has to put in their two cents worth. I thought your comments were hilarious, Fr. M, but Thalia may hurt you!

Gene said...

Ignotus, You have no sense of humor, which is typical of liberals and modernists. Plus, you continue to take things out of context, another lib tactic. I do not skip Mass when it "suits my fancy." I have, on occasion, omitted Mass when my only option was some post Vat II kook Priest in a Church that looked like a corporate conference room or, worse, a night club. I also went to Confession after doing so. Sort of like I would do if you were the only Priest in town...Hell, I might even become a Baptist in that case. LOL!

Templar said...

To Do List Addendum:

11. Send Ignotus to be Diocesesn Representative to Burkina Faso

Anonymous said...

In the photo, it looks like Thalia Eden is pointing at the bishop, even though it's actually Deacon Eden's hand and the bishop looks like he's already towing the line! LOL!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

LOL is right! I thought that hand didn't look as feminine as the one closer to the camera!

Gene said...

Templar, Burkina would be a wonderful place for Ignotus. He could happily practice the progressive doctrines of cultural equivalence and moral relativism while dodging bullets from the various warring tribes and political factions. He could proudly pray with the tribal religious leaders in an ecumenical setting that includes nature worship, totemism, and ritual slaughter. He might also try his hand at liberal politics, but this is a bit tricky. In their morally equivalent thinking, they butcher those with whom they disagree.

Question: "Who is our president?"
Reply: "I don't know. What time is it?"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson, Templar has already explained to us that we can disregard anything that is not "ex cathedra." (He's dead wrong, but this exercise is meant to reinforce the foolishness of his position.)

So, if a person, cleric or lay, determines that SP is not binding or maybe, even, valid, that person may disregard it, no? Liturgical norms, by the way, cannot, by their nature, ever rise (or be lifted) to the level of "de fide definita."

If you want to find somethng to be scandalized by, look to those who knowingly disregard Divine Law by skipping mass when the decor of the church or the music of the liturgy does not strike their fancy. Or, look to those who decide to operate as autocephalous "Catholics" who can pick and choose which teaching should be followed and which should not.

Gene said...

Ignotus, why don't you stick to your usual Ignotus name and quit this coy BS of being anonymous one day, Ignotus the next, or some offbeat historical kook or dissident the next? I think it is rather cowardly.

Templar said...

Joe Johnson, as you've no doubt deduced you've managed to feed our resident Troll. Eventually you will learn to spot him, no matter how many psychotic breaks he may eventually have. At last count I think we're up to a couple dozen personalities.

Notice how the servants of Satan never actually answer questions?pa

Joseph Johnson said...

Last Anonymous (at 9:21 a.m.),

I know the original post about the Deacon's wife is more of a humorous nature (and I don't mean to appear to be humorless!) but it was just very disturbing to think that any Catholic would suggest that we (and that "we" includes bishops) should ignore Summorum Pontificum and not encourage and promote the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. I couldn't let what Philip Fisher wrote go unanswered.

I know that autocephalous (better known as "cafeteria")"Catholics" who pick and choose which teachings to follow are a scandal--I agree wholeheartedly with you there! But that doesn't mean that there aren't other scandals by Catholics which we should also find very disturbing--so let's stay on point about the dispute over suggested item #1 on the "to do" list.

Was your sole purpose to ridicule something Templar wrote sometime back or are you actually serious in suggesting that Summorum Pontificum is somehow an invalid document with no binding effect in the Church?

It pains me to say this but I say it based on actual fairly recent personal experience and not on unfounded suspicion or prejudice--I know that there are priests in our Diocese who peer pressure other priests not to offer the EF and who strongly criticize or ridicule them if they dare do so. Then there are those who smugly look down on the EF and those (both cleric and lay) who are attached to it. This is just plain unChristian and wrong! It has to stop!

If a particular priest doesn't personally want to say the EF (for whatever reason--lack of knowledge or a private personal negative attitude toward it) he doesn't have to but (if he is a pastor or bishop)he is still bound by the requirements of the Motu Proprio--he can't just decide to ignore it--especially if he has a stable group requesting the EF Mass.

I suspect that some priests try to discourage or "keep a lid" on the spread of knowledge about the EF (which includes discouraging their brother priests from offering it) because they do not want to be faced with groups in their own parishes requesting the EF Mass.

If they are at least open-minded this might involve them having to put forth some extra effort to learn how to offer this Mass. Others may simply think they are "too busy" (the "old Spanish Mass defense" comes to mind. . )while there a not a few who simply cannot fathom why any right-minded enlightened post-Vatican II Catholic would want the EF Mass.

It is this last group that is the most troubling--those who are simply opposed, as a matter of attitude and principle, to the EF Mass. This cannot and should not continue. At the very least, those priests with the negative attitudes about the EF should not try to discourage the EF, whether at Deanery meetings or Priests' Retreats (with other priests) or in their contacts with the laity. There is no pre-Conciliar and post-Conciliar Church--there is only (and I love to chant this in Missa de Angelis!) "unam sanctam catolicam et apostolicam ecclesiam!"

By the way, are you also Philip Fisher aka Petit Chou aka Pater Ignotus?

Gene said...

Yeah, That's him...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson: Very clearly, I said that Templar, not I, makes the claim that Catholics can pick and choose which non-definitive teaching or policy or motu proprio must be followed or implenmented.

That's the M. O. of many of the arguments presented here. "I don't like it, so I don't have to do it." And "If you disagree with me, you are a) ignorant, 2) "liberal", 3) demon-inspired 4) disobedient, 5) etc etc etc." That includes the language of the mass, the musical selections, the vestments, etc. It is a foolish and destructive and non-Catholic approach to faith.

I would go so far as to say that it is a thoroughly Protestant approach.

Templar said...


And notice Joseph how he STILL has not answered your question. All he does is deflect, deflect, deflect. A sure sign you're on to him.

Gene said...

No, Ignotus, the approach here is not "boo-hooray," as you try to imply. No one thinks you are ignorant; liberal, certainly; demon-inspired, well, we are not qualified to judge; disobedient, probably...but, again, not in a position to judge.
Many times, I and others have offered theological arguments you have dodged or ignored, asked you direct questions which you have refused to answer,and stated clearly why everything you post indicates that you are a modernist/progressive with all that implies about your attitude toward the Pope, the Church, the liturgy, and how you believe Catholics should view our relationship to secular and Protestant issues and dynamics. I say "implies" because I realize you cannot be forthcoming about how you really think and feel. After all, there is a new Bishop in town...LOL!

You have repeatedly insulted Fr. MacDonald, scoffed at the EF, derided certain liturgical traditions, and consistently assumed a condescending attitude toward everyone on this Blog. Even your continuing to taunt me with "skipping Mass" after I pointed out I had been to Confession regarding my behavior is not very Priestly behavior (not that I give an airborne copulation about your taunts). So, people behave the way they feel...that goes for Priests, too.

Templar said...

While waiting for the answer that will never come from PI I had another notion strike me. "Getting the Bishops signature on the program" you said....that strikes me me as part of the post V2 problem. Wouldn't dropping to your left knee and reverencing his ring have been more appropriate? For all of you? He's a Bishop not a rock star afterall.