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In an interview with The World Over, Cardinal Zen makes a great case against the manipulation of Catholics with the novel concept of a democratic synodality. He shreds F******S******** and again suggests that Cardinal Fernandez resign. 

He points out that the post-Vatican II Church with Pope Paul VI through Pope Benedict XVI is now experiencing a completely new rupture with the papacy of Pope Francis, which makes the rupture between the the pre-Vatican II Church and the Church after Vatican II up to Pope Benedict’s resignation look like child’s play. 

He also states that he can’t understand why Pope Francis has been so harsh, so judgmental and so non-synodal in his attempts to crush the Traditional Latin Mass and manipulate those who love it by calling them backwards, stupid, rigid and mentally ill—all forms of spiritual and psychological abuse. 

To me it is simple. Traditional Latin Mass priests and laity desire to preserve the great tradition of the Church in terms of Liturgy and thus Faith and Morals. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that doing so goes against the project of the current papacy and poses the greatest threat to the new ideology Catholics are being manipulated into accepting. 

Here’s what Cardinal Zen said in the interview which I post below this comment:

Latin Mass Restrictions

Cardinal Zen also discussed the restrictions placed upon the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass originally outlined in Pope Francis’ 2021 motu proprio Traditionis Custodes.

He said that he is “surprised about this strong campaign” to limit the Latin Mass. “At least as far as I know, those people who cherish that Mass, they are some good people."

Cardinal Zen said that people should be aware of the many different liturgical rites offered in the Church. 

“We have many Catholic dioceses of the Oriental rites,” Cardinal Zen said. “They are very different from the post-Vatican II Mass. And so why should they be so worried about one more, which is not new, which was the Mass for years in the Church?” Cardinal Zen said.

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TJM said...

Mark Thomas cannot attack a true Catholic cardinal who opposes PF’s lunacies?