Friday, February 23, 2024


For manipulation reasons, many in the hierarchy want to paint the very, very small number of Catholics, quite vocal, but small in number, who are what politically oriented people would call “right wingers.” As individuals, these people easily go into schism either psychologically or by joining other Catholics who no longer follow the pope and bishops of the Church. Did I say their number is small, very small.

Yet, progressive/heterodox Catholics see this small number of Catholics as the greatest threat to the legacy of Pope Francis today. Yes, you read that correctly. The editor of “Where Peter Is” is really bummed  out by these Catholics and with crocodile tears he says he won’t engage them any longer. Good for him. I hope that makes him feel better.

Yet, the elephant in the room are the Germanic countries of Europe, Germany in particular, who as a nation and an episcopate are heading toward schism by taking Pope Francis’ vision for the Church and doctrine to its logical conclusion. Even Pope Francis is concerned and the Cardinal of Vienna has intervened claiming that schism is where the Germans are going.

The Germans are backwardists too. They want to go back to the ferment of theological currents of the late 1960’s and 70’s. They rigidly want  to return  the Church to that period of time. And they are going to go forward with or without Pope Francis, like Martin Luther did in the 1500’s with his Protestant revolution. So in a sense, the Germans aren’t just going back to the 1970’s, they are going back to the 1500’s too!

I just read an article where a victim, a former nun, of Fr. Rupnick, said that the Jesuit priest called her psychologically rigid and uptight when it came to sex. As her spiritual director, he manipulated her through put-downs that would lead to the flexibility he demanded that would enable her to give into his sexual advances, some of which are so perverted and sick, I don’t even want to think about it.

Pope Francis constantly tries to wear down those who prefer the 1950’s to the 1970’s which His Holiness prefers by psychological insults and manipulation. All Catholics should call that out for what it is: manipulation. He should call them out on their heterodox beliefs and nothing else. But what are these 1950’s heterodox beliefs? Is it daring to criticize the initiative of a pope which contradicts his predecessors? Is that it? Is it daring to call out pastoral initiatives based more on politics, sociology and psychology rather than the Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church, not to mention Scripture and Tradition? And to push "development of doctrine" as a traditional way to move teachings forward, nonsense! Development clarifies doctrine, never contradicts it or obfuscates it!

Catholics need not check their brains at the door of the Church. That leads to all kinds of abuse and manipulation. 

Let us realize that the small minority of “right wing” Catholics who are separating themselves from their bishops and pope are no match for the number of people involved in Germany’s heterodox way that even the Vatican recognizes is heading for schism. Let’s be more concerned about that!

And finally, what role does the Modern Mass and its deformed celebrations (as was the funeral liturgy at St. Patricks’s) play in leading Catholics into heterodoxy and schism? 

So often, we are told that the TLM and its ancillary liturgies lead to theological and psychological rigidity and schism, but is that the main problem in the Church today? Pope Francis and Cardinal Roche are suppressing the older Liturgy because they believe it is the cause of the anti-Pope Francis sentiments.

But shouldn’t they also then suppress the Modern Vernacular Mass, especially in Germany that is causing much greater damage to the Church and into an epsicopal schism? 

This is the UpsideDown Church today—the Twlight Zone!

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TJM said...

The Twilight Zone indeed and we are frequented daily by one of its residents!