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I don't have 15 things, but I do have some things! Read further! And yes, no holding hands, that is not in the rubrics of the Mass, but it is one more thing that priests encourage to improve the Modern Mass since everyone has their own ideas on improving it! Why? It needs improvement but more in line with the TLM!!!!

Now that Cardinal Fernandez is the teacher's pet and has sidelined the Dicastery for Divine Worship by usurping its authority on liturgical and non liturgical blessings and the poor acceptance of the Modern Mass by playing with it incessantly to improve it since no one really likes it and everyone wants to improve it in good and bad ways, let me run on with my own ideas again!

Here are some thoughts of Cardinal Roche of the DDW:

The 2022 letter addressed what the Holy Father called “the liturgical formation of the people of God.” Quoting from Desiderio Desideravi, the dicastery’s statement this week said that the “non-acceptance of the liturgical reform … distracts us from the obligation of finding responses” to questions regarding reform of liturgy.

“How do we continue to let ourselves be amazed at what happens in the celebration under our very eyes?” the statement said, quoting the Holy Father. “We are in need of a serious and dynamic liturgical formation.” 

The assembly will be composed of various working groups in order to address the “liturgical formation from Sacrosanctum Concilium to Desiderio Desideravi” for ordained ministers as well as “liturgical training courses for the people of God.” It will also “provide bishops with practical suggestions for developing pastoral projects in their dioceses with the aim of putting into practice the reflections of the papal document.” 

You can read the full article HERE.

My usual astute comments:

It is too bad that Cardinal Roche didn't consult with me for the proper way to get the clergy and laity to accept the Modern Mass as is rather than always trying to improve it with their own bad ideas!

1. We don't need more educational workshops or more formation on how to celebrate the Mass with our own ideas on improving it since no one likes it as it is celebrated and everyone is trying to improve it with their horrible ideas and creativity.

2. What we need is what Cardinal Fernandez demands! Read the Black and do the Red! Doing the Red is very, very important to the point of being scrupulous about it rather than unscrupulous.  

3. Don't allow the clericalism of the the clergy or the laity hijack the Mass with their own ugly tastes, good or bad. 

A. Don't let anyone omit the proper chants of the Mass, Introit, Offertory and Communion antiphons, substituting their own tastes, bizarre or normal, by selecting something else! If the music director or the priest like the St. Louis Jesuits or Godspell for substituting what the Liturgy provides, we remain at square one. If Gregorian Chant is substituted for non-denominational kitsch, we'll remain in trouble.

B. Tell bishops and priests to stop, and I mean stop, under the pain of excommunication, ad-libing the Introductory Rite with their own banal and pedestrian remarks as well as homilizing before the Penitential Act, at the offertory and after Holy Communion! Tell them to stick to the script and never, ever say stupid words like Good morning, how are you and welcome to my Mass. And keep the one homily at the right time no more than 6 minutes!

C. Like the reform of the Syro-Malabar Divine Liturgy, mandate under the pain of excommunication for Ad Orientem for the Liturgy of the Eucharist to add some solemnity and mysticism to the Mass and to make clear that the words of prayer are directed to God the Father, through Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, not for the listening edification of the laity most of whom think the prayers are being prayed toward them!

I have other ideas, like allowing two forms of the one Roman Rite to flourish together as the true liturgical theologian, Pope Benedict XVI desired, promoted and confirmed in order that both liturgies, properly celebrated, influence one another. 

Overcoming a pedantic, pedestrian and banal liturgy will not be accomplished by workshops, but bishops insisting on what I have highlighted in my astute comments. And bishops, by the way, should be leading the way in following my lead not in leading the way in banality and creativity and gabbing.


Jerome Merwick said...

Wow! The Vatican is going to solve the problem of banality in the liturgy--or is the problem disinterest in the banal "reformed" liturgy? Or...oh who cares, anyway? We are going to get another assembly to solve the problem! Isn't that kind of like a "committee"? Heck we ALL know how effect THAT is! I'm so excited I could just sneeze!

Isn't nice to know our Church is in the hands of such brilliant, original thinkers?

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

I was actually around when the great liturgical reform fraud was perpetrated. With a Missal and Kyriale in hand only the lazy or braindead could not “participate.” By the time I was 10 years old I could chant 5 different Latin Ordinaries by heart. 80% of American Catholics attended Sunday Mass - o tempera, o mores! There was no need for the “reform.” It was hubris on steroids that was the hobby horse of some bored, twisted sickos in the Vatican. There were no “synods” to ask the laity what they wanted! Hopefully these jackasses are in a very warm place.

Unknown said...


I'm not sure why you doubt more meetings will fix the issue. Clearly, you are not attuned to the spirit of synodality.


monkmcg said...

If I had one thing to add it would be silence. There ought to be periods (plural) of silence during the Mass. It seems as though liturgists/music directors want to fill every available second with noise of some sort.

Of course following the Council's Musicam Sacram (5 March 1967) would be appreciated, but no one even remembers that anymore.

Anthony said...

Restore the old Offertory Prayers and mandate the Roman Canon, at least for Sundays and solemnities. If other countries can have local adaptations why could not our bishops ask for our own? Additionally, if the old Mass is to be suppressed because we are now all bound by the new, then the bishops have an obligation in justice, as well as in charity, to provide for a wide-spread and unimpeded traditional form of the new Mass as a legitimate alternative for the suppressed old Mass.

Unknown said...


Heck, following just Sacrosanctum Concilium would be something! But the Consilium's overriding, overreaching decisions have now been declared "irreversible," so there we are.


Jerome Merwick said...

I was 10 years old when the "reform" was imposed. I don't remember every detail, but I remember the trauma and disbelief and shock. I didn't fully understand what was going on, but I instinctively didn't trust it and didn't trust the people enabling it. I had a sense of resentment that the liturgical life of the Church was being "dumbed down" to appeal to those who were not worthy or even interested in what was being offered.

I still feel the same way. I still think the same, only more informed. I'm still gritting my teeth at every Novus Ordo.

Jerome Merwick said...

Maybe "not worthy" was not the best choice of words. None of us are worthy of God's grace, but I never understood the idea of pandering to Protestants when they have no interest in becoming Catholic. Unless I'm mistaken, we were converting far more of them BEFORE all the upheaval after the council than before. We've beat this subject to death anyway. I'll shut up now.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

I am a bit older than you but the whole liturgical “reform” was a sham and did not follow Sacrosanctum Concilium. Evil liturgists and many bishops simply flat out lied about what the Council Fathers said. And to what end? Millions driven away, collapse in belief, shrinking collections. It took extraordinary hubris to push a self-defeating agenda. Unfortunately we have a Pope who does not care. If he did he would never have revoked Summorum Pontificum, an act Satan would approve

Jerome Merwick said...



Looks like The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita has had far more influence in our Church than Sacrosanctum Concilium. Big surprise.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

I think PF needs to conjure money. I am done. I do not support apostasy. Maybe Mark Thomas can make up the difference from his McDonald’s earnings!

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Piccolo Tigre is laughing in his grave...