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Cardinal Fernandez in his Septuagesima vestments:

 It’s twelve pages long, but here’s Lifesite’s take on it. I am sure there will be other commentary coming shortly from more nuanced sources. From what I read in the Lifesite report, it is traditional as far as the post-Vatican II Mass and sacraments are concerned. It renews the need to celebrate the sacraments by reading the black and doing the red and reemphaizes that manipulation of the words of the Sacraments’ liturgy can lead to the invalidity of the sacraments and great harm to the people of God. It refers to an earlier statement of CDF that changing the words of baptism, even by saying “we baptize” rather than “I baptize” invaldates the sacrament! 

Many are worried, I am sure, that there will be some hidden footnote or some other ambiguous insertion in the text that will be heterodox and act like a virus to initiate a new and heretical direction in the development of doctrine and liturgy. It will take time to comb through all the texts!

He also quotes Vatican II and the Council of Trent throughout the 12 page document. 

Entitled Gestis Verbisque, the 12-page text was released February 3 by the new prefect of the Congregation (Dicastery) for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). (See LifeSite’s translation here)

Read Lifesite’s take by pressing title:

BREAKING: Cardinal Fernández issues text on ‘validity’ of sacraments

Cardinal Fernández's text does not contain specifics regarding the individual sacraments, but warned that changing 'the form of a Sacrament or its subject matter is always a gravely illicit act.'

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