Saturday, December 24, 2016


Just too 😎!

Pope Francis offers the Pope Emeritus his Christmas greetings

Pope Francis and the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - ANSA
Pope Francis and the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - ANSA
24/12/2016 14:39
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has visited the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, to convey to him his Christmas greetings.
The visit took place on Friday afternoon, when Francis knocked at the door of the “Mater Ecclesiae” monastery in the Vatican where Benedict resides. 
As they do each year during the Christmas season, the two men spent some time together, first in prayer and then in conversation.
The Pope’s gesture and good wishes for Holy Christmas are part of the simplicity of a daily relationship that exists between the Holy Father and the Pope Emeritus.
24/12/2016 14:39


Servimus Unum Deum said...

Makes me wonder just how informed Benedict Emeritus XVI is of the politics and the Dubia. Is Benedict being kept out of the loop of all this? I hope he had a strong word or two to say in light of recent events.

Rood Screen said...

If these two could work together, they would make a great team.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture. We have one man who gave up the papacy because he was to tired to go to a made up youth rally. And then we have the other man. He wants to normalize adultery, sacraligeous communions and confessions. So basically we have two of the most self absorbed men the church has ever produced. One came down from the cross so he could sit and play piano all day and the other one thinks he can change divine law. They both deserve to have a millstone put around their necks and be thrown into the sea. Both of them.

rcg said...

JB, It seems that Pope Benedict's weakness was his lack of information and connection with the various offices of the Church. He seemed to expect everyone to have the same motivation and drive as he. Similarly, I think Pope Francis seems to assume desire to change so as to be closer to God. He underestimates how much we love our sins.

But tonight we can have a truce among ourselves and experience Peace among men of good will. Peace to all you who come across these words according to the Peace you allow into your heart.

Gene said...

Yeah, Francis could shine Pope Benedict's shoes...

Jan said...

It strikes me that Francis uses his "closeness" to Benedict XVI with photo-op to paint a picture that might fool people into thinking that Benedict approves of his attempts to tear down the moral teachings of the Church - but it's not working. What these photo-ops do is highlight the manifest difference between the two and what the Church has lost with Benedict's resignation ...