Saturday, December 3, 2016


As everyone knows, I am somewhat eclectic when it comes to the Liturgy. All I ask is that there is reverence and all who have a part in the Mass, to include the faithful in the pews participate well and in a dignified manner. I take the role of the laity at Mass very seriously.

I am flexible when it comes to music that is actually filler. In my previous and new parish I ask(ed) that the propers be chanted even if there is an additional processional chant, offertory and communion songs.

The Official Propers are chanted in a traditional way but in English.

At St. Anne, my new parish, the music is a blend of traditional with some contemporary and by contemporary, stuff that I heard in the 1980's which is not bad theologically although I know the purists who read my blog will be aghast.

Twice a month we have a 5 PM Mass for our high school youth program, although many others attend. The music is what is called "Praise and Worship" but extremely well done and I listen closely to the lyrics and what is chosen is theologically/doctrinally sound. The music director at this Mass will implement the chanting of the propers too.

We have a very fine electronic organ and grand piano. While piano is not my preference for Mass, it is not obnoxious and our music director is quite accomplished.

The Mass itself is reverent and all carry out their function at Mass with dignity to include the lay faithful.

We are changing the KKK looking albs with hoods for servers to cassock and surplice. The boys will wear black cassock with square necked surplice and the girls will wear red cassocks with rounded surplices.

My new congregation is a younger congregation than my previous one with a large number of non southerners mostly connected with the army which makes the parish more transient. Being an army brat myself, I love being in a parish with so many military families.

It is a fun parish, less stressful than my previous one, in part due to the fact we have no school but a very good CCD program. Unlike Macon which is dwindling in size and lacking any growth or desire to promote outsiders coming in, Richmond Hill, while a bedroom community of Savannah, is growing and attracting all kinds of people. It is a wonderful up and coming town but still a bit like Mayberry.


McAnally said...

It gives us great joy that you are happy in your new home - and it was obviously so when we saw you. I hope your parish knows what they have in you and appreciates you as much as they should. We miss you, your wonderful teaching as well as your help and encouragement to live our faith well. We hope to have the chance to come down and take in another "Father McDonald Mass" this summer! God bless and keep you!

sarto2012 said...

Purest? Purist? Purists?