Wednesday, December 28, 2016



rcg said...

"Oh, the cuckoo is a pretty bird
And she warbles as she flies
But you never
Hear the cuckoo
'Till the fourth day
Of July.

Oh, Francis is a talker
And he babbles like a brook
But the words
that he utters
Are easily

TJM said...

A sad circus presided over by in inept Pope

TJM said...

rcg, brilliant!

Gene said...

Francis is a kommen in
Lude sing he's coo-coo
He speaketh slop
And is a flop
Lude sing he's coo-coo.

Michael said...

lol, Gene.....Fantastic. Never thought Music Appreciation would help me get a joke. I thought that was a kind of pointless class.

Anonymous said...

Oh its a circus alright, how bout bringing in more MUSLIMS into Europe and complete the takeover by sheer numbers this time, and not by the sword as in the Siege of Vienna. The Church is all but dead in Europe and this man from Argentina could care less as you can very well see, what point is it to be a Roman Catholic or any Christian for that matter if we worship the SAME God as Pope Francis tells us day in and say out. Well there is not point, the Church died in the 1960's after "that Council", altar girls, dancing girls, ripped out high altars, ripped out communion rails and statues, hand holding, kiss of peace, drums, guitars, banjos, folk, rock, mariachi music, felt banners, communion in the hand while standing given out by laymen and laywomen, lay lectors, liturgical dancers in leotards, nuns with incense bowls looking like vestal virgins in a Hollywood Roman epic, so yes what is the point, the list can go on and on but why should I continue?? The Roman Church folks died long ago and only a total return to the Traditional Mass and sacraments can revive it.

TJM said...

Anonymous, well Vatican Disaster II certainly did not usher in a new "spring." It ushered in a harsh, cold winter of discontent and Pope Clueless I doesn't get it. He's the religious version of Obama

Православный физик said...

As I tend to say in Russian: не мой цирк; не мои обезьяны, Not my circus, not my monkey. Such is the description of this pontificate.