Saturday, December 17, 2016


Did your priest use rose colored vestment for last Sunday's Gaudete Sunday? Needless to say I did with rose colored vestments in my new parish church's sacristy.

This was taken following our 11 AM Mass when I blessed our new Pro-life Memorial created and executed by one of our Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout project. His name is Marcus Debry. I am very grateful to him and all his helpers. It took months for him to complete. The pro-life memorial contains a huge boulder with the memorial plaque on it and the statue of our Blessed Mother, our ultimate pro-life advocate.

Oddly or scary enough, this photo was sent to me by a priest friend in Pensacola who saw it on twitter or Facebook.  Nothing is hidden anymore! But alas, this isn't "false News!"


Anonymous said...

It may be "rose" in the eye of a beholder with his own personal color spectrum. But it is NOT the color specified by the Latin word rosacea, the liturgical vestment color, which "has a slight orangish-red tint to it, sort of like a fresh salmon filet". If the garish pink vestment you show is not a violation of liturgical law, it ought to be. Here's our Knoxville attempt:

Gene said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Your progressive friends, too,
And your off the wall Vatican
It resembles a zoo!

Anonymous said...

Father Z would be proud!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Henry your Holy Ghost parish rose vestments are absolutely Ghostly!