Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Since when has contracting a virus, be it the flu, hepatitis, or COVID 19, been newsworthy?

You would have thought that Armageddon had taken place at the announcement of the Supreme Court Justice White House Garden Party called a super spreader.

The President got it and a slew of others. Did any of them die? No!!!!!!

Does the press believe we are idiots? YES!

People get sick if they catch a contagion, most, vast majority, recover. A very small percentage die or have long term complications, less than one percentage with Covid 19.

Why all the fear mongering? 

The snowflake generation, the most naive and gullible  in history, cower behind their masks. They think it will prevent COVID and the common cold.

These masks will be mandatory each flu season to placate the fears of the snowflakes who don’t like getting sick and fear death for themselves and others as though a mask is their security blanket against all the ills of body and soul, including the fires of hell.


rcg said...

This has gotten very strange. There is a tendency to think of expertise as a narrow set of skills or knowledge. But isn’t it actually understanding the context and relationship of that set to the rest of the world? The so called scientists and medical experts had good ideas on how to control the spread of the disease initially but were unable to figure out how not to kill the patient of society. This has been a real eye opener about the limits of a bureaucracy as a leader I am afraid the reaction will be that in the future people will be slow to believe Sound medical advice or science based policy.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Not only is the credulity of science on the line but the press and reporters who have undermined the press, reporting and science!

Anonymous said...

"Did any of them die? No."


That may not be the relevant question. What may be better to ask is whether those who get it have long-term effects that may not be apparent at first?

And oh, our "jefe", who likes to mock good health sense, said the virus would disappear with the warm weather and longer days. Hmmmm....the daylight hours and temps in the Northern Hemisphere are declining---mornings are no longer in the mid to upper 70s, nor is the humidity. And we see cases on the upswing in many states. If Trump goes down in 2 weeks, his inept response to you know what will be a primary factor in that.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The fact is that less than 1% die of this. Catching a virus isn’t news unless everyone who gets it dies. The reporting makes it sound like that as though a cancer diagnosis. And even with cancer, not everyone dies. Could you imagine the fear if basil cell carsinoma was reported as deadly????

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Keep in mind, if Trump wins or loses will be close, not a landslide which means a grotesque polarization in our country.

Fr. Michael Kavanaugh said...

5000 cars drive past your church every day. One, only one, is involved in an accidental, resulting in serious, but not life-threatening, injury to the driver.

The news reports ONE accident and IGNORES the 4,999 cars that pass safely.


No, the press is doing it's job, reporting news.

Anonymous said...

If a Democrat was in the White House, there would have been no shutdown. Reasons

Anonymous said...

I've been following the news this whole time, and generally follow more liberal news outlets. The reporting doesn't make it sound like a death sentence at all. I think your impression comes less from what news outlets are actually reporting and more from how some conservative outlets portray the media response.

It's like how, when I entered the world of public school teaching, I was led to believe I would be a lone Catholic in a den of rabid secular humanists looking to kill God in the minds of all children. I mean, some media outlets only report on schools when a teacher gets unhinged about Trump or a drag queen gets invited to read a story and act like that is what all public schools in all parts of the country are like. Instead, I found an overabundance of church-going teachers and an evangelical principal who was always interjecting prayers into staff meetings along with a handful of disgruntled atheist types. Turns out the conservative media had an agenda too.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

If the agenda is to stop the election of a trump like mayor and reported as though all driving without helmets should stop then Chevrolet we have a problem, ty FRMJK FOR MAKING MY POINT.

Anonymous said...

It’s an election year, people are tugging on heartstrings for nefarious reasons.

Victor said...

Since February, I have been wondering about these and similar questions. We noticed then how the media started their fearmongering machine, and then governments followed, finally with the average God-less citizen freaking out by mid March. I say God-less because without God people get scared and numbers become important when it comes to life, that is, the longer you live is always the better. As physiology professor Toussaint of the Sorbonne has noted, for the past 20 years in the developed countries we have reached a plateau where we have no longer been able to improve health for people in general to live longer, a plateau that itself has perhaps been over extended for the human species anyways; the high Covid-19 mortality which is mainly in these developed countries brought that level back to more reasonable levels for the species that matches the level across the globe. This concern with numbers has placed a burden on the healthcare systems, forcing the hand of many governments to allow for euthanasia.

But the God-less also find alternatives, such as the "experts" who are given god-like status because only they will save them and all humanity from extinction. Yet these unelected experts, who force you and me to obey them through the incompetent governments that listen to them, must share part of the blame. (Politicians in general are control-freaks, otherwise why would they want to be politicians if not to control other people?) In the early stages of the disease, many influential epidemiologists were, if not wrong, misleading, particularly those at the WHO, creating great fear which the media, whether to improve their profit margins or just from a God-less fear, built upon. But we know a lot more about this disease now than we did at the beginning, although also many things are still unknown. Because of schismogenesis, the former is suffering while the latter is not decreasing.

But we also saw early on how this whole disease took on the aspect of a religion which determined politics to become a schismogenesis: in the USA, when Mr Trump says this, it generates an opposite reaction, and vice versa. More recently we have seen BigTech becoming religiously affiliated. Some of the mostly widely published scientists on this issue are being censored making, in effect, the USA just as Orwellian as Communist China. Evidence based science is disregarded, the unknown is taken advantage of to promote the respective religions, and science has greatly suffered.

Victor said...

Anonymous @ 8:35:
Are you insinuating that CoVid-19 causes "long-term effects that may not be apparent at first"?

Show me the scientific data in support of this. We do have data that shows there can be long term effects, particularly cardiac, in young people from the flu. But in any case these are a tiny tiny number.....unless you have the scientific data please stop fearmongering by making the rules out of exceptions.

Who claimed the virus would disappear in warm weather? A respiratory virus never disappears, but humans gain an immunity to it. And an immunity does not mean you will NOT get it again, only that it is much less likely you will get it again, and if you do it will be very likely much less severe. Herd immunity is what a vaccine tries to help achieve. That is immunology 101.

The SARS-Covid-2 virus is actually quite predictable. The mortality of a respiratory virus follows a typical Gompertz curve in northern temperate zones of the world in the winter extending to early Spring (like Covid-19), such as in the northern part of USA, while it has a more flat and extended curve in the northern tropical zones beginning in summer and continuing into the fall, such as is now happening in Southern USA. And this happens almost without exception with or without lockdowns, and with or without wearing rag facemasks it seems. Because of the way the curve in northern parts extends to zero, it has been suggested that this part of USA had gained what is close to "herd immunity" to Sars-Covid-2 by the beginning of May, as would happen with any respiratory virus following this curve. The ominous part is that the summer is often a time when herd immunity is finalised in the general population in these northern zones forcing a virus to mutate to propagate, but with the social distancing of this summer, that may not have happened. Also, respiratory virus mortality normally starts up a bit in the fall in this northern zone as infections spread because people are indoors more and the vulnerable become victims, which is what we are seeing....whether this is the same Sars-Covid-2 or a mutation is for scientists to determine, but in this fanatically religious climate it may take a while.

Please consider these links (before they are banned by religious zealots) that explain well certain issues mentioned to the layman:

Anonymous said...

Since 1988---9 presidential elections ago---no presidential candidate has exceeded 53 percent of the national popular vote. The days of big landslides, like LBJ in 1964, Nixon in 1972 and Reagan in 1984, have long since passed. We will probably never see again another 49-state landslide like Reagan got 36 years ago. Democrats can always have a fighting chance with their "Trifecta"---the reliably Democratic states of California, Illinois and New York---which combined account for 104 electoral votes, almost 40 percent of the 270 needed to win the Electoral College. Texas, the second largest state, is in the GOP column "for now" (perhaps not many more years though) along with most of the southern states, the Great Plains and some of the Midwest. Just 11 states were decided by 5 points or less in 2016 (though that beats 2012, when just 4 states were in that category).

Georgia was just outside the range at 5.1 points last time but this time, a 1 or 2-point win for Trump in the Peach State would be very close. Keep in mind that Governor Kemp won by less than a point and a half in 2018. Georgia boils down to a simple equation---how big Biden wins in the 29-county metro Atlanta area (which accounts for nearly 60 percent of the state's total votes) versus how large Trump wins in the (combined) 130 counties in the rest of the state. Clinton won metro Atlanta by 8 points in 2016 while Trump won the rest of Georgia by 24 points. But if Trump loses Georgia, it probably does not matter in that it likely means he is already losing other swing states like North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Another "mostly peaceful" BLM supporter shoots at Trump supporter:

"A man putting up a Black Lives Matter sign in his yard is being held without bond Monday after he was charged with firing a shotgun at Trump supporters driving by in a pickup truck.

It happened Saturday afternoon in Kingsville. Police eventually booked Douglas Kuhn at the White Marsh Precinct.

Neal Houk and his son said they honked their horn at a neighbor putting up a Black Lives Matter sign."

The leftists posting here must be mighty proud but perplexed why one of their own had a firearm

Les Flavinoid said...

Father K:

If the press was doing its job, it would not be selectively sitting on certain stories.

Les Flavinoid said...

I would also add that the press very likely does believe we are idiots.

Time magazine (that holdover from when people read magazines) publishes its stories at the 6th grade lexile level.

The talking heads on the networks are not noted for "tough questions". They ask RUDE questions repeating them again and again if you are a Republican and softball questions if you are a Democrat.

The pundits talk down to us in condescending boredom, feigning their care by "emoting" on screen, to convince us. They seem more like graduates of the Actor's Studio than a Journalism school.

Then again, we asked for it.

Anonymous said...

It's no coincidence that cases are rising subsequent to the resumption of schools re-opening, These are younger people constituting a healthier population who are less affected by the virus. Even among the elderly, who are a more at-risk population, the survival rate is over 90%. If states had instituted measures to protect the elderly and those with co-morbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the mortality rate would have been closer to the flu.
Just New York state's death rate by itself ranks it sixth in the world when compared to the ranking of countries around the world..For some reason the governor of that state didn't think that placing COVID patients in nursing homes was a bad idea. To be fair, we know more now than we did, but he was the one pointing fingers at other states.

Overall COVID death rate in the nine worse states plus the District of Columbia 1259 (rounded).
Overall COVID death rate in the remaining forty states= 490(rounded).

If the death rate in the top nine states and District of Columbia was the same as in the remaining forty states, total COVID mortalities in the U.S. would be just under 161,000 instead of over 220,000.

These numbers change every day but this is the picture now.

Fr. Michael Kavanaugh said...

No, Fr. ALLAN McDonald, and didn't make your point. I showed why your point is pointless. You're welcome.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Sour grapes, FrMJK, you should be glad that you support my thesis as everyone else here does. But alas...

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Here's a little positive news about common oral and nasal rinses that can be effective in deactivating coronavirus in general, and most likely COVID-19, although further studies need to be done (because, of course, we won't try it ourselves until SCIENCE verifies it, knowing we need the nod of approval from our god before we take action).

I just want to mention that back in the second half of January I came down with something that resembles reported symptoms of COVID-19. I was sick for two weeks, dry cough, fever (although not high), malaise, but no shortness of breath. I lost my sense of taste and smell for 5 days during the second week. After two weeks I was up and around but was still coughing. There was no testing at the time, so I have no idea if I had COVID-19, but I suspect I did.

Interestingly, the cough hung on for another two weeks. These were frequent and sustained dry coughing spells. My brother (whom I contracted this illness from) told me he'd been gargling deeply into his throat with a small amount (1 tsp) of hydrogen peroxide for 15-20 seconds, followed by a small amount of antiseptic mouthwash (1 tsp) for another 15-20 seconds. This seemed to take away the cough for at least 12 hours. It worked well. I would repeat whenever the cough came back, and after a few days I stopped coughing at all.

So after this, whenever I had been out and about and afterwards felt a tickle or some sense of maybe a sore throat coming on, I'd do this gargling routine and it went away.

This study seems to verify my own personal experience. I have been hoping someone would come out with something like this study shows so that we could at least try to help ourselves in case we have contracted it and before the virus moves to the serious stage, kind of like knowing to wash and cleanse and bandage a small wound before infection gets hold. Seems like this gargling might be a good habit to practice when coming back from having been in contact with others such as after grocery shopping or attending Mass.

God bless.
P.S. From the study: one thing I didn't know was that doctors often use diluted baby shampoo to rinse their nasal cavities. I didn't know you could do that safely.

Anonymous said...

Father Kavanaugh is a legend in his own mind

Herman said...

3,000 people died on 9/11 and we’ve lost thousands more trying to avenge them and we’re still feeling the ripple effect 19 years later. If Antifa haD killed 200,000 Americans, Republicans would have canceled the election and suspended the Bill of Rights by now. I’ll never understand why so many people, for political purposes, are so invested in pretending it’s not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

This will set the leftists hair on fire!

“In red states (those voting Republican for president in all four of the last four elections), the combined unemployment rate stood at 6.6%. Among blue states (those that voted Democrat in all four of the last four presidential elections) the figure was 10.5%. Among purple states (all of the others, either split 2 and 2 or 3 wins for one party and one win for the other), the unemployment figure was 7.8%.”

The data also show that of the 10 states with the lowest rates of unemployment, nine have GOP governors (the lone exception being Montana), while 9 of the 10 states with the highest rates of unemployment are led by Democrats (the lone exception being Massachusetts).

Now who is the Party of the little guy?

Anonymous said...

In the above comment @ 1:48 PM, the below referred to deaths per million population

Overall COVID death rate in the nine worse states plus the District of Columbia 1259 (rounded).
Overall COVID death rate in the remaining forty states= 490(rounded).