Monday, June 24, 2019


The adult server with the incense donated the beautiful canopy to the parish. It is imported from Poland.

We processed in the Church only to Pange Lingua. It took place after the Post Communion Prayer. We went down the center aisle and to the right, down the side aisle, across the front up the other side aisle and then back to the altar by the center aisle.

Once back to the altar, we celebrated Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Several commented that it was AWESOME!


rcg said...

Very nice and good on you for having one. Is there a reason you don’t go outside? I’ll send you photos of ours when they get posted.

Jacob said...

Yes we did Father, traditional mass and full procession to the 3 traditional altars set up on the procession route, very impressive.

David B said...

For some people, Mass is all about the spectacle and the performance.

TJM said...

David B,

I assume you are referring to the cantor flapping their arms or the guitar group strumming away near the altar!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

More than likely DB is referring not only to that, but the choir singing from the front facing the congregation and the priest's personality shining through by ad libbing, smiling, welcoming and in general, I think he is opposed to the priest facing the congregation entertainment and show and tell approach and would much rather see ad orientem.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

DB is on the right track!

The EF I went to on Sunday did not have a procession but The Ordinary was a Hayden Mass with the Lambilotte Panis Angelicus. The priest gave an excellent sermon on the Real Presence

John Nolan said...

Father McDonald

Humeral veil over chasuble??!! Perhaps one of your parishioners might see his way to providing you with a cope.

Anonymous said...

Nope, no procession at our parish in 30327, but instead a big one at the Archdiocese of Atlanta's annual Eucharistic Congress---the first one in a while without Wilton Gregory, who is now the archbishop of Washington. I am not naïve enough that we will be told a timetable for a selection or who the candidates are, but the Eucharistic Congress is so much a part of the Archdiocese these days---about 25 years now---that the successor doubtless will continue the well-attended tradition.