Monday, January 30, 2017


CRUX has an article on the sad saga of the Knights of Malta and how it now appears that Cardinal Burke has used the Knights of Malta to get even with Pope Francis and continue his rebuke or reburke of Francis has it concerns Amoris Laetitia.

Cardinal Burke has been uncharacteristicly silent since the Knight's saga went into high meltdown.

I suspect Pope Francis, using his authority at Supreme Pontiff, has silenced His Eminence.

I suggest everyone read the Crux piece very carefully for the "rest of the story!" Burke's reburkes of the pope will go down in history but not in a flattering way. His Eminence may well have done the "reform in continuity" a deadly blow by ideologizing it as a hermeneutic against the Supreme Pontiff, the most untraditional thing a cardinal could do.


Pope’s takeover of Knights of Malta brings chance for needed reform

Pope’s takeover of Knights of Malta brings chance for needed reform
In this June 20, 2014 file photo, Pope Francis blesses the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra' Matthew Festing, during a private audience in the pontiff's private library at the Vatican. The Knights of Malta is still insisting on its sovereignty in its showdown with the Vatican, even after Pope Francis effectively took control of the ancient religious order and announced a papal delegate would govern it through a "process of renewal." (Credit: AP Photo/Claudio Peri, Pool.)


John Nolan said...

The whole affair stinks to high heaven. Why does a pope who wants to improve 'synodality' and delegate authority to national Bishops' Conferences (something his CDF prefect has warned against) continue to intervene in such a despotic way?

I suppose the überpapalists can always blame his advisers, who are indeed a rum bunch. And why is the German tail still wagging the dog?

Anonymous said...

"the most untraditional thing a cardinal could do."

That is, unless one believes that the current pope is contravening the holy traditions and historic doctrines of the Church to such an extent--aside from any questions of formal or material heresy--as to sin against God and Man, Faith and Papacy, the Church and History.

The Church and the Faith itself will somehow survive the tragedy of this papacy, but the authority and prestige of the Papacy itself may take longer to recover.

rcg said...

Henry's last paragraph hit the nail.

I wonder what financial factors are involved with both the Knights and the warming to the SSPX?

TJM said...

But, but, the libs tell us that Pope Francis is all about "mercy." Is mercy only for those who defy Church teaching and practice?

Gene said...

Old Francis is making Martin Luther look like a prophet.

TJM said...

There is a very disturbing article about the Malta affair posted today at the John-Henry Westen/LifeSite. If this story is true, the Pope would be guilty of Mafia style tactics, which would require the College of Cardinals to confront Pope Francis and demand his abdication. I pray for the good of the Church that it is not true because it would confirm Paul VI's fears that the smoke of Satan has invaded the Vatican. If a poster here has any additional facts on this story, it would be greatly appreciated. No papalotors, please.