Saturday, March 6, 2010


Does this image offend you?

It should! But I know it amuses you, so let me explain:

Catholics are noted for their good sense of humor as it concerns some of the cultural and funnily odd experiences we have in the Church especially in our Catholic schools and elsewhere. A sense of humor will go a long way in helping us to live ulcer-free lives. I've seen "Nunsense" and I laughed all the way through--it was truly funny and not in an offensive way. There was no irreverence.

However, sometimes when fun is poked at our most sacred symbols, we should take pause before we smile or laugh. Several years ago, a so-called artist placed a crucifix in a jar of urine and did so in an artsy way. Many said this was art and above reproach and that Catholics and other Christians who were offended should get a life.

As well, another artist displayed an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary which had been splattered with manure. When Catholics took offense, we were derided as being super-sensitive and unappreciative of what the artist was trying to express in his “art work.”

The picture above is of Pope Benedict, our German pope, celebrating Mass. Through the miracle of computer “trick of eye” enhancement called “photo-shop” the normal bread and wine the pope actually used in the Mass was turned into a pretzel and mug of beer. The first time I saw this image, I thought it was funny too. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized that this poking fun at the Sacred is really sinister. It is the work of the devil.

Images like this erode our faith. Yes, we might smile or laugh by what is being portrayed in these images and I suspect all in good fun, not maliciously. However, the Real Presence of Christ in the Consecrated Bread and Wine should not be fodder for comedy.It should elicit "awe and wonder." But for so many in and outside of the Church nothing is sacred any more. Isn’t that the goal of the devil, to desensitize us to God and the reverence due Him?

What images that offend Catholic sensibilities have you seen or read? On this blog, I've placed some images of Mass casually and trivially celebrated, which, quite frankly, are more disturbing that what a prankster did with the papal picture above. What books have you read that mock our traditional understanding of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Sometimes the mocking of the sacred is very mild or opaque, but at other times it is quite virulent and transparent. Righteous indignation and a refusal to buy books, art or entertainment that denigrates what we hold as sacred is an act of faith on our part.

Soon we will be celebrating the Great Easter Triduum. On Holy Thursday Jesus Christ establishes the means by which we will be present in perpetuity at His Sacrifice on the Cross—the Holy Mass, but thank God in an "unbloody" way. He also establishes the ordained priesthood configured to His exclusive High Priesthood. These two acts of establishing the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Priesthood are at the core of our faith that the Christ-Event beginning with the Incarnation and concluding with the Second Coming and Final Judgment are all about. These show forth the means by which the All Powerful and Ever Living God redeems the world. He does so at a great price. We might be tempted to poke fun at all things sacred, but we do so at our own peril. For Catholics, irreverence to God, His Holy Mass, His beloved Son, His Blessed Mother, His Angels and Saints, His doctrine, His morals, His ethics, His love, isn't funny!

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Gerbert said...

At first glance I to snickered a little, but then was saddened that someone would create that image.
What is truly despicable is when individual and parts of our society hide behind "it is art" for creating images that denigrate our Lord, our Blessed Lady, and our faith. It is clear that the purpose of such expression has to do with hate of what those images represent, and it is a purposeful attack on the Catholic church. As Catholics we must defend our faith and respond firmly to those who would demonize it in the name of art, or any other expression. Also we must avoid books, movies, etc.. that attack or misrepresent our faith. That means we should not buy, read or watch movies such as The Da Vinci code, read books from Hans Kuhn, or other dissidents. We must stand up with a loud voice and condemn those who attack the Church for the purpose of trivializing our faith.
It has always been my understanding that art was to be beautiful, to transmit something greater than self (that is the traditional understanding). Today art can be anything and does not have to beautiful or even make sense. It has become what the individual has conceptualized in their mind to express no matter how offensive or ugly it is. It is quit ironic that the same "artist" who attack and denigrate our faith obviously have no idea that the development of art and music in western civilization was created, nurtured and developed by the same church they despise. Do you think they would do the same to Muslim symbols of faith? No only Christians, and imparticularly Catholics. We all should be more like Bill Donahue from the Catholic league, when our faith is attacked or mocked.
The lack of outrage from many Catholics is also a result of the rupture that has been created by the ultra progressives distortion of Vatican II. Dumb down the faith, dumb down the faithful, it goes hand in hand. Thank God that is being addressed by our brave and wise Pope. Long live Pope Benedict XVI!