Friday, March 26, 2010


The True Enemy of Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church isn't Islam! It is the Mass Media and Secularism! Pray for Pope Benedict; for the Catholic Church and all who have been victims of sin, crime and injustice, especially those who have no voice to protest secularism, the victims of abortion, now more than 50 million in this country. Shame on the world media for neglecting the victims of abortion and those who perform them, and those who legalize them and those who are pro-choice!




(Note: This prayer was taken from the booklet "Devotions to Saint Joseph" by Brian Moore, S.J., printed and published by the Society of St. Paul.)

Great St. Joseph, you were chosen by God

to be the reputed father of Jesus,

the chaste husband of Mary ever-Virgin,

and head of the Holy Family;

you were elected by the Vicar of Christ

to be the heavenly Patron and Protector

of the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

With the greatest confidence, therefore,

I ask your powerful aid in this day

for the entire Church on earth.

Protect in a special manner

with your true fatherly love

our Holy Father, the Pope,

and all the Bishops and priests

who are united to the See of St. Peter;

defend all those who labor for souls

in the midst of the trials and difficulties of this life;

and win for all nations

unity of faith under one Shepherd. Amen!


Seeker said...

Beautiful prayer Father. St. Joseph protect us.
The evil one will not prevail. He is relentlessly attacking the Church now. We must Pray and stand together. The sides seem to be drawn, so be on the side of Christ. Be Christ like. Our Holy Father is a man of principle. He will stand for the Church against the secular media and we must support him as you so valiantly do.
Thank you Father

kiwiinamerica said...

In the media hysteria which surrounded this news yesterday, did anyone see any mention of the possible role played by Archbishop Rembert Weakland in this fiasco, other than as the author of two letters to the Vatican, 20 years after the events occurred?

Consider this. Weakland was himself a homosexual and a card carrying member of the lavender mafia. The accusations against Murphy were homosexual in nature. Is there any chance, do you think, that Weakland might have been inclined to cover for a fellow homosexual?? Might the fact that the civil authorities declined to prosecute Murphy have had something to do with the fact that Weakland swept evidence under the rug??

Of course not.........and you won't read such an outrageous suggestion in the NY Times. No, perish the thought.

Such an obvious connection is far too tenuous for a fine investigative journal such as the Times. And we certainly wouldn't want to be accused of homophobia!

No, we have bigger fish to fry here.

How can we stitch up the Pope on this one? Let's pin this mess on him!

Jenny said...


As angry as this latest smut makes me, I also know that we must be careful, especially in this season of Holy Lent and Passiontide, that we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. So I DO call on St. Joseph; and also on St. Michael the Archangel to "...defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and ... by the Divine Power of God - cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam about the world seeking the ruin of souls". Amen

Prayer is the key...

Seeker said...

Good point kiwi, if that is the case, it should be brought to light. But it will fan the fire further. Purification must take place though. This process, as hurtful as it is will and must bring strength to the priesthood. Not to diminish the harm done to the victims, we must pray for our priests and most specifically the Pope. St. Padre Pio pray for us.

-Brian said...

A comment here on the prevalence of the media with our ...children! The leading edge of Developmental Science has been confounded by efforts to bring wholesomeness to our communities and our child rearing in the public domain. As such, in 2005 they accumulated significant data characterized by high reliability and validity. The data is generalized nationally. The Kaiser Family Foundation responded with the following study. It is prospective to the current attack on the Church by the media. It is the second front_our catholic children_. The findings to wit:

“ To help spur a national dialogue—involving policymakers, parents, consumer groups, media companies, educators, marketers, public health organizations, and young people themselves—there needs to be publicly available, reliable, and objective data documenting the patterns and trends of media use among young people.”

“This report attempts to provide those data. It is based on a large (2,032) national sample of 3rd- to 12thgraders (8–18 years old). Young people today live media saturated lives. Spending and average of nearly 6 ½ hours a day (6:21) with media. Across the seven days of the week, that amount is the equivalent of a full-time job, with a few extra hours thrown in for overtime (441/2 hours a week). Indeed, given that about a quarter (26%) of the time young people are using media, they’re using more than one medium at a time (reading and listening to music, for example), they are actually exposed to the equivalent of 81/2 hours a day (8:33) of media content, even though they pack that into less than 61/2 hours of time.”

Remember this is the same source that is recognized as an above average threat to the doors of our Catholicity (George). In January 2010 the study is reporting again with new findings:

“Increase in media use among young people. Five years ago, we reported that young people spent an average of nearly 6½ hours (6:21) a day with media—and managed to pack more than 8½ hours (8:33) worth of media content into that time by multitasking. At that point it seemed that young people’s lives were filled to the bursting point with media. Today, however, those levels of use have been shattered. Over the past five years, young people have increased the amount of time they spend consuming media by an hour and seventeen minutes daily, from 6:21 to 7:38—almost the amount of time most adults spend at work each day, except that young people use media seven days a week instead of five. Moreover, given the amount of time they spend using more than one medium at a time, today’s youth pack a total of 10 hours and 45 minutes worth of media content into those daily 7½ hours—an increase of almost 2¼ hours of media exposure per day over the past five years.”

_Free use copyright under Title 17 of the United States Code, Chapter1._

I say, be spurred and ambitious in dialogue concerning this egregious assault on our youth and our Church; after all, in how many years will this same generation “M” be the Church, no? It’s not about just turning off the TV! TV is passé! It is cell phones, music players, “crackberry’s”, video games, computers, and TV.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for the Holy Father and for all our priests. This is no time to let the church be divided. We need to put aside our diffrences and come together as brothers and sisters in faith. If we are to survive as the Church we can not let the Prince of Darkness weaken us by distracting us in secular arguements.
We must pray for the Holy Father and together plead for God's love and mercy for those who have sinned so horribly...we must also pray for those who are accused unjustly...and pray with full voice for the victims...and pray for the Bishops and others who should now make sure this never happens again.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

If you read Bill Donahue of the Catholic league, I think he confirms that the policy of the Church from the 1960's to 2000 (maybe beyond in Europe?) was to treat abusing priests to cure them and place them back into ministry. That was the mindset of the hierarchy, although canon law itself was required more severity. I suspect Pope Benedict when he was Archbishop in the late 60's and early 70's may well have thought the school of psychology and therapy would be an avenue of God's healing for these priests who were considered members of the family! I do also think there was either denial or a cynical approach to the victims, that it wasn't that bad, or they were somehow complicit, if they didn't like it, why didn't they stop it. This is wrong thinking, but I think many in the hierarchy may have felt that way. Pope Benedict certainly had a change of attitude well before he became pope and has done more since becoming pope to address this problem. But more does need to be done. There needs to be a worldwide policy about this, openness about failures, which Pope Benedict himself has called for many times, and public penance by the worst offending bishops and Cardinals still active, even to the point of being requested to resign. I do not believe that Pope Benedict was amongst the worst offenders as an Archbishop, but he well may have made errors in judgment in being too sympathetic to priests and not sympathetic enough to the horrors of victims. But there are people out now for blood and revenge and settling scores with Cardinal Ratzinger and now Pope Benedict--this is another scandal too, the failure of Christian love and Catholic vitriolic.

Jack Reylan said...

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