Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Augusta, Georgia is my home town and we're quite proud of the Augusta National and the Masters. I was the pastor of Augusta's downtown parish, The Church of the Most Holy Trinity for almost 14 years. Augusta is in the Diocese of Savannah. There is forgiveness and "unforgiveness" at the "National." I think the fans will have forgiven Tiger, but will the golf course? Time will tell and it all will be very exciting. And no, I can't get you tickets. These use to be easy to come by prior to Tiger, but no more!

The Augusta National without Tiger!

The Augusta National with Tiger!

Speaking of forgiveness:

Catholics are very optimistic about the human person. We don't view the human person as a "worm" and utterly depraved in the eyes of God. No, we view humanity as created in the image and likeness of God although fallen through diabolical temptation and free will.

Temptation relates to a particular tendency that runs counter to the well being of the person. It is not related to the person as a whole, just some particular tendency. It can be described as a weakness. Tiger Woods public confession a few weeks ago is a case in point. He described his sins (what he called mistakes) in much the same way as a Catholic would do in confession. Tiger admitted his guilt, asked for forgiveness and promised to continue therapy (penance) to get back on the right track and stay there. Too bad it wasn’t sacramental penance and absolution for him. We pray that God forgives him, his wife and family forgive him and his fans. Forgiveness is of God and Jesus died on the Cross for everyone. As the Church, it is our mandate from Jesus Himself to make God's unconditional love and His forgiveness known to the world. I hope Tiger comes to know the unconditional love and mercy of God in Jesus Christ. I believe He does know it, but just doesn't Name it as we do. God bless Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods without forgiveness:

Tiger Woods with forgiveness!

The reason for Tiger's joy should not be the the sign behind him, but the signs below him:

If not for this "Sign", none of us would hit a hole in one for forgiveness, only Jesus does!

Do these next two pictures resemble one another?

Tiger looks like the Prodigal Son here!


Gene said...

Yes, Sir, Tiger has "got religion, now. I'll bet he'll be out there doing a "laying on off the hands" the very next time some sweet young thing crosses his fairway. I'm not convinced...being a bit more of an Augustinian Catholic.

kiwiinamerica said...

Tiger has made his "confession", has received his penance (months in "therapy" and counseling) and is now ready to participate in the solemn ceremonies of the secular, pagan alternative to the true Holy Week; the "holy week" of golf in which the faithful search, not for the Risen Lord, but for something far more important; a Green Jacket.

Four days of intense penance will precede the admission of this year's high priest to the inner sanctum (the Butler Cabin) where he will be robed in magnificent green and then led out to face the gathered throng who will acclaim him with loud "hosannas".

"Fifteen under par........for who is mightier than the Tiger?" some will exclaim, while others will say, ".......we have no God but Tiger!", and still others....."the 15th major and yet after such a long layoff.......surely this is the greatest of all his miracles."

The throng will then depart singing and praising God to the inns and alehouses of the holy city of Augusta, there to recount the marvelous wonders they have seen.

Gene said...

The only good thing about golf is that there are some really great golf jokes...most of them too naughty for public consumption.