Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Don't have a heart attack! This isn't the FSSP consecration! This is another way to consecrate an altar and incensing it. Which do you prefer, this or what is below? This is the anti-FSSP celebration!

The Bishop on a ladder to anoint the walls of the chapel--twelve different locations representing the twelve tribes of Israel!

Preparing to place the relics into the altar.

Carry the relics of martyred saints to be placed in the consecrated altars.

Do you think that Catholics who attend Masses that are seriously celebrated take their faith more seriously?

I wonder how many pro-choice Catholics go to Mass on Sunday where the Mass is celebrated this way? I wonder if there is any connection? All Masses have sinners, all Masses should have repentant sinners who humbly come to adore Christ. How many trivialized celebrations of the Mass have the proud and haughty of heart present who think they can do anything they please out in the world and still call themselves "good Catholics"?

The Ordinary Form Papal Mass, dignified and respectful of the true celebration of this form of Mass that respects also our Catholic beliefs and identity. It is not hard to celebrate the Ordinary Form of the Mass with dignity and respect. Just do the "red" and read the "black!" This will build up faith, and promote the spreading of the faith and morals of the Church to the world!

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