Wednesday, May 23, 2018


One of my commenters smelled something snakey about the rattlesnake falling from a tree and into a kayak and biting a man three times in the hand:

Snake that attacked SC man in kayak didn't fall from a tree. He picked it up, family says

The family of the South Carolina man who was bitten by a rattlesnake while kayakinghas admitted that their original story was not accurate.
What remains a fact is that Michael Adams was in his kayak on the Edisto River in Colleton County Sunday when he was bitten by a rattlesnake multiple times.

It is also a fact that the Anderson man was rushed from a boat landing to an area hospital, where he was treated before being flown to a Charleston hospital, where he remains a patient.
It is the story of how the 28-year-old Army vet was bitten by the venomous snake that his family has admitted was not true.
Adams' family members originally told Colleton County Fire and Rescue emergency responders that the rattlesnake had fallen out of a tree into the kayak and bit Adams on the hand.
On Tuesday, family members said Adams actually picked up the snake with his bare hands, reported.
Adams's cousin, Kyle Colquitt, said Adams paddled over to what he thought was an alligator in the water, but when he discovered it was a snake he yanked it into the air, according to
That is when the 18- to 36-inch long rattler bit Adams — three times.


Gene said...

So, RCG was right.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Well, southern living includes wildlife that is called the redneck human.

rcg said...

Well I didn’t think he was fool enough to pick it up with his hand! But the story didn’t add up if you have seen enough rattlers and been enough rivers and woods. A rattler can strike half its own body length in distance. A kayak paddle is about 18 inches on the blade. I figured he poked a three foot rattler with his paddle and was too embarrassd to admit it.

“Hey, y’all! Watch this!!”