Saturday, October 4, 2014


On the Vigil of the opening of the Synod on the Family, some food for thought for those of us who love the Council of Trent as reported by the blog Chiesa and the wonderful Vaticanisto, Sandro Magister which you can read by pressing this entire sentence! Perhaps no one who is a Tridentine Traditionalist should disparage Cardinal Kasper after all!


Anonymous said...


I thought we were all foolish to think that Francis would promote as something good, sacrilegious communions by divorced "re-married" Catholics.

You told us it won't happen.

You told us the annulment process would be streamlined (which can be easily done without a synod or scandalizing the entire faithful Catholic world).

Now we have Cardinal Kasper, who Francis personally picked to give that speech, saying basically there is no such thing as adultery. Cardinal Kasper, going around the world stating he speaks for the pope. The pope has not corrected him, so one would be safe to say the Cardinal is telling the truth.

Nothing to fear because Francis is just as orthodox as all the previous popes back to Peter. Do you still think that Father? I mean come on, be honest. What do you really, REALLY think.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I find this article quite interesting and in keeping with "T"radition from the Council of Trent. I had not know this before!

MR said...

All of us faithful Catholics are scared right now, but Fr. McDonald has done the right thing every step of the way throughout this ordeal, by remaining positive and faithful.

Fr., your blog has saved me from despair numerous times in the past year, so thank you.

George said...

I read the article and it had to do with an exceptional case which when I read further went on to say that this "dispensation" was ended when the communities in question re-joined with Rome and had to give a confession of faith agreeing to Church teaching on the impossibility of a second marriage.
Special cases come along but I can't as of right now see what this has to do with the present situation. When the Church allowed in married priests when establishing the Anglican ordinariate this did not ipso facto from that point permit marriage for Roman Catholic priests. The Church could change this because it is just a discipline but marriage being a Sacrament is of much greater importance and significance.

Anonymous said...

So know you are suddenly ok with adultery and "re-marriage". Gee why am I not surprised. What's next Father is gay "marriage" alright. It has some of those "good things" a real marriage has just like Kasper said about adulteress "Catholics".

JBS said...

"In reality, there was no beginning of 'openness' to second marriages at Trent, but simply the decision not to enter into direct conflict on this point..."

The most I can see happening on this issue would be for the Church to give to the couples themselves canonical supervision over their own respective marriages. However, if the bishops vote to explicitly encourage reception of Holy Communion by those in a state of mortal sin, then I fear popular rejection of this pope in favor of the pope emeritus. Convictions would only harden against the legitimacy of the recent resignation and the election.

Anonymous said...

Fr. McD's (humorous) claim of clairvoyance seems to have spread and become serious among some here, (including, at times, Fr. McD himself) who have gained the ability to perceive the presence of mortal sin in others...when, in fact, nobody can detect it except the sinner and God. As you all SHOULD know, it cannot be authoritatively said by anybody that because somebody is married in the Church, divorced, not annulled, remarried outside of the Church and receives Communion, that he or she is doing so in the state of mortal sin. NOBODY can tell. If I torture and rape and murder my mother, you STILL CAN'T TELL whether I'm in the state of mortal sin. (If the shoe fits, wear it. If it does not, have a nice day.)

George said...

Right. We do need to be equally positive,hopeful, and faithful and to pray always. Prayer is always good.

Vox Cantoris said...

This is what the Pope said today:

“To search for that which today the Lord asks of His Church, we must lend our ears to the beat of this time and perceive the ‘scent’ of the people today,”

What on earth is he telling us?

Are we to read into this that he is going to do what Kasper is saying?

IF, this is the case, it will be up to Cardinals faithful to the truth to do their duty.

Salva nos, Domine.

Joe Potillor said...

Let us pray for the synod

While I can certainly appreciate Father's optimism and certainly think he as a priest has a duty to be optimistic (for the rest of us)…I tend to think the optimism doesn't match what's actually happening on the ground

rcg said...

Even there were 20 Ratzingers meeting I would pray for their guidance. I might throw one in for my own humility, first.

Anonymous said...

Flee to the S.S.P.X. our souls are in danger from Rome, I can't believe I would ever say that.

rcg said...

Anon, take a breath and get a "stable group" together in your parish and Ben surrounding parishes. Have a third party approach the bishop to see what he thinks of starting a latin mass in one of the parishes. Do not approach directly or divulge the group until you know his response and attitude. If he digs in contact the FSSP and start looking for a financial sponsor and a closed parish/church in your area and start your own in communion with Rome.

Padre Ignotus said...

MR - There are a great many faithful Catholics who have not been scared in the least by the absurdly imaginative and intentionally inflammatory speculations that has been broadcast via this and other blogs and websites.

Anticipation regarding the synod is only an ordeal if one chooses to make it so.

Let nothing trouble you, nothing at right you. All things are passing, God never changeth..

Anonymous said...

rcg, like Jimmy Carter said that he had committed adultery in his sounds like you have already quit the Catholic church in your mind...Am I right or wrong?

MR said...

@Padre Ignotus,
Thank you for the encouraging words. But Card Kasper is openly promoting a "pastoral policy" that blatantly contradicts Church doctrine on marriage, and he seems to have the support of the Pope himself. Given that, how could a faithful Catholic possibly not be deeply worried right now?

Anonymous said...

rcg, if one gets a stable group and, then, a diocesan TLM, one still has the same problematic priests as before... You're incorrectly equating the aesthetics of the TLM with doctrinal stability. That's why people support the SSPX--the TLM and the doctrinal adherence.