Wednesday, October 8, 2014


(ANSA) Rome, Oct 7 - A senior prelate insisted Tuesday that marriage cannot be dissolved and that "starting a new union contradicts what the Lord has indicated".Msgr George Gaenswein, Prefect of the pontifical household and private secretary to former pope Benedict XVI, made the remarks in an interview with Chi magazine, excerpts of which were released in advance on the fringes of a synod of bishops on the family that opened Monday in the Vatican.
"Gays must be received with respect but their acts are contrary to natural law," he continued.
"The Church must have the courage to express its convictions as otherwise it would not be in the service of truth," he added.
Asked about the question of possibly allowing divorced people to take communion, Gaenswein said "this is a very delicate question, at stake is the sacramental matrimony that according to Catholic doctrine cannot be dissolved, just like the love of God for man".
"As far as I can see Pope Francis is following the line of his predecessors whose teaching on matrimony is very clear".


Joe Potillor said...

I'll believe it when he (Pope Francis) corrects Cardinal Kasper

MR said...

Great to read, hoping and praying this is true!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information, Father. I have not seen this anywhere else. This is encouraging. I hope that he is correct.

Anonymous said...

Father, I believe that the Pope is being perhaps pressured to conform by statements such as this but the reality is as Joe Potillor said "I'll believe it when he (Pope Francis) corrects Cardinal Kasper". The Pope has been so compromised by what he is reported to have said that he needs to make his own position clear and correcting Kasper would be a simple way of doing it.


JBS said...

Even when the Holy Father reaffirms the traditional connection between Holy Matrimony and Holy Communion, the larger question remains of how to strengthen virtue in the lived experience of marriage. Indeed, it is the strengthening and restoration of the sacrament of matrimony and its fruits that should be the focus of this synod, not heretical proposals.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

Abp. Ganswein...

The future Pope Boniface X?

(Okay...that's just a fantasy I've had once or twice).

Gaudete in Domino Semper!