Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is from Rorate Caeli:

The conclusions of the Synod's small groups.
- Thanks to the collective revolt of the Synod majority

[Update: Notice that these relationes (reports) have only been published after a collective revolt of the bishops against the dictatorship of Cardinal-Manipulator Baldisseri.]

Marco Tosatti sets the tense scene in the Hall this Thursday:

"An additional [act of] censorship, and the Synod Fathers rise up. / The General Secretariat of the Synod announced the decision of not publishing the relationes of the Circuli Minores. Erdo took the floor, distancing himself from the relatio [post disceptationem] published under his name, and saying that, if that 'disceptatio' had been published, also those of the Circuli Minores, the commissions, had to be. His intervention was followed by numerous others in succession, with the same tone, underscored by thunderous applause. The Secretary of the Synod, Cardinal Baldisseri, looked at the Pope, as if searching for advice and light, and the Pope remained mute and extremely serious. Also mute remained the under-secretaries to the Synod, Fabene, Forte, Schönborn and Maradiaga. Kasper was not present. At the end, Father Lombardi announced that the relationes of the Commissions will be made public."
And, because of this collective revolt of the Synod majority, you are now able to read the conclusions below.

The English-speaking groups are Anglicus A, B, and C.

Relatio - Circulus Anglicus "A"


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