Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, this lightening strike was an omen and we see it now becoming clear what that omen of Divine displeasure is! Or is it all the working of the Holy Spirit, similar to the Last Judgment when the sheep are separated from the goats?
 Things are moving fast folks, too fast for this humble parish priest blogger. But now John Allen is bringing up the rebellion against Pope Francis and what is perceived as His Holiness leading the Church into Apostasy. He blames what he calls conservatives who are in actuality faithful Catholics who don't want a pope to lead us into apostacy!

Oddly enough, John Allen, as I did on an earlier post, speaks of the talk that Pope Benedict's resignation was/is invalid. If we could only be a fly on the wall to really know Pope Benedict's sentiments as both His Magisterium and His predecessor's Magisterium are being erased. Could it lead Pope Benedict to take charge again and to die in office and allow for another conclave?

Read John Allen's post just posted at CRUX by pressing all this:

Will conservatives turn on Pope Francis?


Tevye said...

"WILL the conservatives turn on Pope Francis?" Are you kidding? The conservatives, the former Catholics hereabout did that quite a while ago.

Joe Potillor said...

Turned? While I love and pray for him (Pope Francis), that happened when Mahony was gloating over Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

I recall the book "Becoming (Eastern) Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith" (written by the late Fr. Peter Gilquist of the Antiochian Christian Archdiocese), warning about future spiritual anarchy in the West (Western Christianity). He noted division in the Catholic Church between (paraphrasing) archconservatives and trendy liberalism. At Atlanta's Greek festival this past weekend (held at Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation---worth a visit with its icons), several members basically invited people to "come and see" what an Orthodox Divine Liturgy is. One ot the tour guides for the Cathedral was a former Catholic---wonder if some will now accept the invitation?!?

Gene said...

Well, we can be thankful that the Synod is Trinitarian…a Three ring circus.

MR said...

"Cardinal Pell said only three of the synod's 10 small groups had supported a controversial proposal by German Cardinal Walter Kasper to make it easier for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion, even without an annulment of their first, sacramental marriages."

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are only now admitting to what Traditionalists were saying last year. Perhaps if Conservatives had spoken out at the time we may not have gone so far down this route.


Anonymous said...

I pray those who do not fear God are defeated. I see you my brothers and sisters being subjected to the evils we orthodox Anglicans have endured.

Pray, pray to St Michael, and not that short version, but the original. I pray it after Mass at the Altar everyday.

St. Michael protect the Church and smite the evil one and his minions. Cast them back into the pits of hell.

Blessed Mary, as Mystica Rose, you warned us of this coming evil. Blessed Virgin Mother we need your intercession. Pray and plead for us to your son, Christ our Lord.

You are in my prayers.

The Anglican Priest

Tevye said...

Traditionalists are not conservatives? Or maybe "all Traditionalists are conservatives, but all conservatives are not Traditionalists..." Is that it?
Or "all Communists are liberals, but all liberals are Communists",

Gene said...

Most traditional Catholics are also conservative. There are a few "traditionalist" Catholics who are only in it for the aesthetics…their beliefs, or lack thereof, are irrelevant. Progressives are Leftists, whether of the socialist or Communist stripe. They both smell the same. Belief is also irrelevant to progressives…the Church is a tool for social change and implementing collectivist schemes. The "aesthetic"Catholics are relatively harmless…useless, but harmless. Progressives are a danger to the Church and should be suppressed…it doesn't much matter to me how they are suppressed, but they should be. I know, that makes many of you crazy, doesn't it.LOL! Just wait, you'll come around.