Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Father Z has a sober suggestion concerning what is going on in Rome, now only in discussions. But if it becomes an official reality, we could be heading toward a schism not unlike the Great One! So pray, pray, pray!

It’s time to get onto a war footing.

After looking at my email and some comments in the queue I am compelled to say…
Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8
Everyone… CALM DOWN.

There is a serious Satanic attack going on within the Church right now.  The sharpening division itself is a sign of the same.

That said, think of your spiritual weapons.

You can fast and offer mortifications.

You can say the Rosary.   Is there a more powerful prayer than a Rosary sincerely recited?

Now more than ever we need reverent celebrations of Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Fathers, start preaching about confession, the Rosary, and – for the love of all that’s holy – start learning the Extraordinary Form.

It’s time to get onto a war footing.


Who am I to judge?! said...

I'm not convinced that Fr. Z's talk of warfare is the best way to calm things down. And there are some quite dreadful things being written on other blogs (e.g. Mundabor's latest). I don't think that Pope Francis is to blame for this mess: rather, it's the usual problem of underlings trying to curry favor by second-guessing what he wants to happen.

Safeguards to prevent this happening again: (i) put lay professional administrators in charge of producing reports on discussions, not clerics; (ii) make the parameters for discussion clearer at the start, so people know what's off the table; (iii) don't produce interim reports; (iv) have a professional outfit for dealing with the media; (v) assume that things will stay as they are unless there's a VERY good reason for changing them.

Nathanael said...

Why learn the Extraordinary Form? Or attend it? Golly, I am confused!

The Mass is the Mass, isn’t it? One is not better in warding off Satan and his representatives in Rome.

Surely, this doesn’t mean that sinister French Archbishop had a point about Modernist Rome vs. Eternal Rome.

Anonymous said...

The Church has been attacked from inside and outside by homosexuality (and sin of any name)since Christ formed it.

That the world has confused love, sin, sex, choice and freedom through constant media bombardment and the cheers of those who desire the bombardment should be no surprise. That the (human) Stewards Of The Church may be confused or unprepared is not unexpected either.

The stewards need our prayers and help. Each of us is called to be a guiding light of Truth even if the weather is stormy. We know that there will be division, we know that chaff will be separated from the wheat. If The Stewards Of The Catholic Church are being punished, it is not because they hold fast to the Truth, but because The Stewards have given the appearance of betraying The Truth.

May Christ guide us all.

John Nolan said...


It is a good idea not to parade your bias by referring to 'that sinister French Archbishop'. He articulated what many prelates (not to mention other clergy and informed laymen) thought but for one reason or another kept to themselves.

He certainly had a point; its validity is open to argument and the argument is by no means over, as the current tragi-comedy being played out in Rome clearly indicates. Those who recall the bickering and posturing that goes on at Anglican General Synods might have expected something better.

The first commentator makes some good points but having more professional spin-doctors is not the answer. I have witnessed their corrosive effect on British politics, and I doubt that the situation in the US is much different.

John Nolan said...


It occurs to me that you were being ironic. In which case kindly accept my apologies.

Nathanael said...

No worries!

In fact, I am a recent “convert” to a more than favorable image of the Archbishop Lefebrve and his good works.

Irony keeps down the anger and turns it in to humor, it works for me.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the Friar did not steal a photo off the web that does not belong to him. The lion shot was taken by me and he does NOT have permission to use it. It is not in the public domain.