Wednesday, October 22, 2014


You can read the complete post about the "mandatum at a wedding"  over at Praytell 

Basically, there is a trend in liturgical land to add the mandatum to the Nuptial liturgy. It is suppose to symbolize that they will be of service to each other and the wider community! It is a nice sentiment but I suspect my first creative suggestion below is better suited for the nuptial liturgy if we want to add to it and get creative. I'm told it is in the Sarum Rite although a bit modified.

However, now that Praytell has gotten me in the creative mood liturgically at least for Nuptial liturgies, let me make some creative suggestions to brides and grooms:

My number one pick first that will please rigid traditionalists as Pope Francis characterizes them!

Brides should cry, as they normally do at their weddings, and use their tears to wash the feet of their new husband as a reminder to her that she must completely submit to the authority of Christ, whom her bridegroom represents in all things in their marriage. She should then  dry the feet of her new husband and anoint them with oil and kiss them! How powerful would that be!

My number two pick which will please flaky, bleeding heart progressives has Pope Francis characterizes them:

At the end of Mass the bride and groom should "jump the broom" than in an act of true humility and servanthood, the bridegroom then picks up the broom and sweeps the aisle of the church clean of all debris left by the flower girl as she processed in dropping flower pedals. This will be a sign that the husband will share in the housework or do it completely. So sweet! No?

Can we "jump the shark" in liturgical creativity??? I ask; you respond!


Jdj said...

Thanks; I'm in Praytell hell...

Julian Barkin said...

Between the Big Bang Theory reference and these suggestions to the liturgy, this post reeks of pure awesomeness! Who says Trads can't be humorous ha ha ha!!!

Airborne Ranger said...

Hey!! No matter how many times I click that last image, I only get a black box with the words "This Post Has Been Censored".

What's the real url?



John Nolan said...

The rite of matrimony in the Sarum Use required the bride to kneel before her husband and kiss his feet as a sign of obedience and submission.

An excellent custom which Praytell might think of reinstating.

Samuel J. Howard said...

You realize, Father, that the bride is in your town as settled minister for the High Street Unitarian Church?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yikes Samuel, thank you for the heads-up and yes I had no idea!!!!
But you are right! She is the new minister one block up from my church at the Unitarian Church and her husband sings in our choir and also plays the violin! He's a great musician. He's tall too. So with this new sensitivity in mind, I've adjusted my post! WOW, what a small world! and YIKES!