Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I was cracked up by listening to "Seize the Day" on the Catholic channel this morning as I drove to Macon.

There was a long segment on a "Calvinist" who had converted to Catholicism. He was interviewed and shared his story. To make a long story short, eventually he wanted to join an "apostolic" Church and had a choice between the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches as he certainly didn't want to be a Catholic.

But his studies led him more to the direction of Eastern Orthodoxy, but eventually he had to struggle with the fact that Saint Peter was the head of the apostles and so he had to judge if this was more important and that maybe he was being called to Catholicism although he liked Orthodoxy.

One day he happened to be at Popeye's for chicken. He looked at the package his food came in and what he saw was "pope yes" and then he squinted and saw once again only "Popeyes"

Eventually that clinched the case and he became Catholic!

What do you see?


Cameron said...

Popeyes is amazing.

Marc said...

Orthodox believe Peter was the head of the apostles. But they also recognize that this doesn't prove the modern papal claims.

George said...

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Rosary is Christological

What do we see in the Mysteries of the rosary? The Visitation of Mary, the Nativity (which drew the wise men from the East), the Finding of Jesus in the Temple, the Wedding Feast at Cana? Can it not be said that in all these and the other mysteries is none other than the proclamation of God's Holy Truth?. It is appropriate that one of the Luminous mysteries is the "Proclamation of the Gospel". In this mystery is Christ, who is Truth Incarnate, revealing Himself to man. Indeed, can it not be said that it is Christ being proclaimed, the Eternal Truth, in every mystery of the Rosary from the Annunciation, to the Crucifixion, to the Resurrection? In each of these is Christ who is God, revealing a Divine mystery, revealing something about His Divine nature to us. Can we not see that this reveals something of God's goodness, His Mercy, His Generosity, His Benevolence? So when we pray the Rosary we pray to Mary to intercede for us and with her for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to conform to her holy example of being the pre-eminent witness to Christ and His teachings. It is in the Blessed Virgin that we see the paradigm of virtue and holiness; the exemplar of the fulfillment of God's promise to his people Israel and therefore one who is most worthy of the veneration given to her. We give her the honor due her and in union with her, in adoration, petition, thanksgiving and reparation, we pray to our Holy God, the source of all that is good and praiseworthy, who is Goodness, Generosity and Mercy itself.

Gene said...

Wow! "I saw Jesus in a box of chicken." Some basis for conversion. Is everybody just plain crazy?

Gene said...

He could have had the same epiphany at "Mary Land" Fried Chicken or, certainly, at Church's. I guess if he had gone to "Cracker" Barrel he'd be making moonshine.