Saturday, April 13, 2024


Pope Francis had some interesting things to say about cities. I have cleverly revised it to mean our liturgies. That clever revision is in red. The original text of the Vatican News Story can be read HERE.

Vatican News: Pope: Like our (liturgies) we build future with an eye to the (liturgical) past

Meeting with members of the (liturgy) World Heritage (Liturgy) Group, Pope Francis says people build their (liturgies) and cultures by mixing faith in God with their (Liturgical) historical situations.

By Devin Watkins

Pope Francis held an audience on Saturday with members of the  (liturgy) World Heritage Group, which was set up in 1993 to defend their (liturgy’s) historic and cultural heritage.

Welcoming the representatives of various (world liturgies) to Vatican City State, the Pope said the world’s smallest state preserves a rich (liturgical)heritage, as does the (dioceses) of which they serve as (liturgical) guardians.

In his prepared remarks, he noted that humanity’s desire to protect its (liturgical) cultural heritage should encompass both the artistic-cultural field and the “integrity of the person who receives this (liturgical) legacy and of the peoples who have transmitted it to us.”

“Historical (liturgical) situations – with their lights and shadows,” he said, “speak to us of real men and women, of genuine feelings, which should be lessons of life for us, rather than of pieces in a (liturgical) museum (in a locked Vatican dungeon).”

Learning (liturgical) lessons of the past

Pope Francis prayed that God might help the guardians of the (liturgical) heritage of (the Church’s liturgy)  transmit their beauty and the “faith, hope, and charity of your people.”

“It is the sufferings and aspirations of the people who over time have built their (Liturgies in an traditional organic way with) the mixing of cultures and civilizations that have followed one another in them, and naturally their faith in God, that make their hearts beat with passion,” he said.

(Liturgies) and their (liturgical) cultural monuments invite residents and visitors alike to reflect on the strength and prudence of those who built them, (with the 1962 Roman Missal and its other liturgical patrimony persevered and promoted with that which is new out of respect for our liturgical heritage of the past). 

“May they feel challenged by the lesson of justice (of reversing previous authoritarian bans on our liturgical heritage) and temperance that each historical (liturgical) situation encompasses,” he said.

Striving toward the future

Instead of leaving the past (Liturgies) locked in a (Vatican dungeon) museum, the heritage of (the Roman Liturgy) should help people today to build a better (liturgical) future.

“We will thus speak of peoples, of persons, of a history that is not merely contemplated, but realized, with one eye on the (liturgical) past and the other on the future, to always have our hands in the present that questions us every day.”


Bob said...

Father, that press release and speech quotations sounds like exactly something this pontiff and his writers would say.....mostly time/space/bigger-than blather.

Glad you found a use for it, likely making you unique among all humanity.

Mark will add the press release to his quotation data base to use when the discussion is whether Francis ever played an entire chukka at polo, so that will make two, assuming he is not a Borg.

Bob said...

Aw, the heck with it....let me go ahead and say I think in general that cities are dehumanizing drone farms breeding poverty, ignorance, crime and Mark won't need wait to use it to refute me, and he can also pull up complimentary words about assorted cities by various saints and pontiffs to show me how wonderful cities really are, and how I am not a good Catholic unless I admit that.

Nick said...

It's just insulting, rank hypocrisy at this point. I'm sure we'll get a standing ovation and chorus of "holy, holy, holy" regardless.


Bob said...

The main thing which struck me as to the original article was the happy gas blowing as to wonderful mixing of cultures and civilizations in Spain, the word "suffering" the only possible nod to the bloody Islamic conquest of Spain in 720AD not entirely thrown off until Ferdinand and Isabella's time.

I guess he is soft pedalled that as he is now pinning all his ecumenical hopes on Islam (it's the same as Christianity, just no Christ, big deal, doncha know?) since he has offended everyone else of late, and does not want to run off his last least, until his next freestyle in-flight presser.