Wednesday, March 20, 2019


[IMPORTANT] Guest Op-Ed - Bishop Schneider: On the question of a heretical pope

On the question of a heretical pope (an excerpt)
When by an inscrutable permission of God, at a certain moment of History and in a very rare instance, a pope spreads errors and heresies through his daily or ordinary non-infallible Magisterium, Divine Providence awakens at the same time the witness of some members of the episcopal college, and also of the faithful, in order to compensate the temporal failures of the Papal Magisterium. One has to say that such a situation is very rare, but not impossible, as Church History has proven. The Church is indeed one single organic body, and when there is a failure and lack in the head of the body (the pope), the rest of the body (the faithful) or eminent parts of the body (the bishops) supplement the temporary Papal failures. One of the most famous and tragic examples of such a situation occurred during the Arian crisis in the fourth century, when the purity of faith was maintained not so much by the ecclesia docens (pope and episcopate) but by the ecclesia docta (faithful), as Blessed John Henry Newman has stated.


Dan said...

I dont understand. This seems to be a clearly written and easily understood text by Schneider. Shouldn't the Vatican be imposing sanctions upon him for not getting with the 'program' and releasing poorly written and confusing texts?

TJM said...

This will push MT over the edge, expect massive non sequiturs being posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Where has Mark Thomas been. Shouldn’t he be showing proof of how horrible and men Bishop Schneider is for daring to not grovel before the most humblest piper everrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Two points:

1) "A theologically revolutionary change was made by Pope Francis insofar as he approved the practice of some local churches of admitting in singular cases sexually active adulterers (who are cohabitating in so-called “irregular unions”) to Holy Communion."~Bishop Schneider

Was this allowance made by Pope Francis outside of Amoris Laetitia? I ask because according to Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC, in his article for HPR, "The text of Amoris Laetitia does not allow absolution or Communion for the divorced and remarried who intend to have sexual relations with their 'second spouse.'"

2) What does Bishop Schneider mean when he says, "...a pope spreads errors and heresies through his daily or ordinary non-infallible Magisterium..."

The Ordinary Magesterium is infallible. I was taught that not everything a priest, bishop, or pope says is part of the Magesterium. If any cleric says something heretical, it's outside the Magesterium. The challenge is for the Faithful to know what is the constant teaching of the Church and what is innovation (heresy). As far as I know, there is no such thing as a non-infallible Magisterium.

Mark Thomas said...

Deo gratias for Bishop Schneider! He demonstrated in clear fashion recently his unwavering submission and loyalty to His Holiness Pope Francis.

On March 7, 2019 A.D., LifeSiteNews published their recent exclusive interview with Bishop Schneider.

During said interview, Bishop Schneider, in holy Catholic fashion, which we must make our own, praised Pope Francis well as demonstrated his submission to the awesome God-given authority that Pope Francis enjoys over him (Bishop Schneider).

LifeSite: Your Excellency, what can you tell us about your recent ad limina visit and meeting with Pope Francis?

Bishop Schneider: "It was for me a very spiritual experience — a pilgrimage to the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul, where we celebrated the Holy Mass.

"At the tomb of St Peter we sang for Pope Francis the antiphon “Oremus pro pontifice nostro” followed by the Creed.

"We also prayed for the intentions of the Pope to gain the plenary indulgence. We did the same at the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls and at the Marian Basilica of St Mary Major.

"Regarding our meeting with the Pope, he is the Vicar of Christ on earth in this time, and he was very fraternal and kind to us. It was a very kind atmosphere.

"Our meeting with him lasted two hours. I consider this an act of great generosity on the part of the Pope, to spend so much time with our group of 10 bishops and ordinaries of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

"During the meeting, the Pope invited us to freely express our concerns and even our criticisms. He stressed that he likes a very free conversation."

That is beautiful!

Bishop Schneider made it clear that Pope Francis welcomes free, honest conversation.

Bishop Schneider also made it clear that Pope Francis is the Vicar of Christ, to whose awesome, God-given authority — to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God — Bishop Schneider has submitted.

Bishop Schneider has a wonderful Catholic heart and mind. Deo gratias!


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


I think I am going to wretch. You still won't deal with PF NOT disciplining the clergy at the Vatican who were engaged in a cocaine fueled gay sex orgy. Why not? Is there nothing to cut and paste handy on that subject?

Mark Thomas said...

I have found it interesting that certain folks within and without the Church have attempted to pit, as examples, such leading "conservatives" as Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Müller, and Buishop Schneider against His Holiness Pope Francis.

However, by word and deed, each of the above Churchmen has rejected the notion that they stand in opposition to Pope Francis.

Said Churchmen are

Via his March 9, 2019 A.D. interview with LifeSiteNews, Bishop Schneider made it clear that he has recognized and accepted the awesome, God-given authority that Pope Francis holds over him (Bishop Schneider).

Bishop Schneider also heaped praise Pope Francis via the LifeSiteNews interview in question.

Unlike the hateful, satanic manner in which certain "traditional" Catholics have treated the Vicar of Christ, the above Churchmen have, in respectful, charitable fashion, expressed their Church-related concerns and criticisms.

That doesn't mean that said concerns and criticisms are valid.

But said Churchmen have demonstrated that a Catholic may express his or her Church-related concerns/criticisms without having to speak in hateful fashion.

It is a shame that certain "traditional" Catholics who have supported said Churchmen have not learned from said Churchmen to treat the Pope with love and respect...and to stop spreading lies about His Holiness.

It is a shame that such men as the SSPX bishops have not learned from said Churchmen that one may speak freely (and charitably) about Church-related issues while having maintained full-communion with the Vicar of Christ.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Still can't find what PF did to those naughty Italian gay clerics?

Mark Thomas said...

Pope Francis has confidence in Bishop Schneider. His Holiness had tasked Bishop Schneider to serve as an Apostolic Visitor to the SSPX.

It is a shame that the SSPX has refused Bishop Schneider's call to enter into full-communion with the Vicar of Christ.

Bishop Schneider informed the SSPX of the following:

“If you remain canonically autonomous for too long, you run the risk of losing a characteristic of the Catholic Church, that is, to be subject to the pope”

“We cannot make our subjection to the Vicar of Christ dependent upon the person of the pope; this would not be faith. You cannot say that “I don’t believe in this pope, I don’t submit, I am going to wait until one comes along that I like.”

"This is not Catholic, it is not supernatural; it is human.

"It is a lack of supernaturality and trust in Divine Providence, that God is the one who guides the Church.

"This is a danger for the SSPX.”

The SSPX would do well to heed the above warning issued by Bishop Schneider, who is a holy and great son of Holy Mother Church.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Still no word on PF's discipline of those naughty Italian clerics engaging in gay sex orgies at the Vatican?

TJM said...


Never going to answer because the answer would make PF look bad?