Tuesday, March 19, 2019




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TJM said...

the altar railing makes a huge difference. Very tasteful. A former pastor at my territorial parish removed the marble altar railing without consulting anyone in 1991. He was a liberal and epitomized clericalism on steroids. He was also "creative" with the Mass and was a cowardly sneak. I witnessed his "manliness" when he told the confirmandi at a practice to kneel during the Canon when the bishop was there so the bishop would not get upset with "us." Actually many of us were upset with him for demanding the congregation stand during the Canon. I, along with many others, refused to comply with his directive. The bishop found out about the priest's underhandedness and he was reamed out by the bishop and did not last much longer at the parish.

qwikness said...

I remember the priest chair (throne) in front of the high altar. The tabernacle was to the right off stage. Thank you for teaching us what V2 was about and what it wasn't about.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, when I arrived in 2004 and in the midst of remodeling the Church (with no plan for the restoration of the sanctuary and a decent free-standing altar, the priest's chair was at the top step of the old altar with two altar server chairs on either side. I will try to find a photo of that set up. Thus the priest celebrant was at the highest point possible in the sanctuary when he "presided" over the assembly. That went on from the early 70's until I got there and turned it all upside down. You could not even see the Last Supper on the high altar because of the chairs.

And yes, since the early 70's the tabernacle was under Mary's statue in her side chapel. That changed about 8 years ago I think and a nice contributor re-plated all the doors.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

That arrangement from 2004 IS clericalism on steroids and almost pagan. It looks like you are worshiping the priest instead of Our Lord. Thank God you restored the Catholic feel to the sanctuary