Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After Vatican II when popular devotions were dumped, para-liturgies that allow for a great deal of creativity sprang up all over the world, especially in religious orders and in particular in female ones.

My experience of them is well, nauseating. Just looking at these photos below of a para liturgy held by a certain group of more progressive religious sisters makes me wonder if they don't have a death wish. What young woman would find any of this inspiring by viewing these photos? Shouldn't public devotions/para liturgies have some beauty and be inspiring?

This is worn out and hopefully the photos below are the dying breath of a generation who deconstructed the Church, her liturgy and much of religious life. It's time to bury this and its theology and pray for a resurrection to beauty, tradition and common sense. I will not reveal the name of this group out of concern for protecting the innocent who are clueless about how this comes across:

A salute to Hitler, sure looks like it?

A remake of the "Night of the Living Dead?"

Now this is really iconic, a nun with a guitar, a Kumbaya moment in 2011!


Gene said...

Nuns with guitars!!! Quick!!!! Everyone run for your lives!!! Where is the side exit...any exit??!!!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our congregation raises our hands in blessing at times such as recognition of mothers and fathers after a baptism, or an especially long marriage, etc. I have always felt queasy about it.

This Thursday we are plotting, er, planning a march on the city council to build a bus stop at the mall. That sort of event usually ends with a group blessing and a cup of Fair Trade Coffee for all the participants. At least they like to hear me play the banjo, they think I'm Pete Seeger.


Templar said...

There is a Parish very close to St Joseph that does the Hitler Salute communal blessing as well. It looks like a Bund Rally from the 1930s. When I see this done I wonder how many people are just following along or if they really think there's some power from a lay blessing.

I support several Female Religious Orders, but they are habited, a few cloistered even, and are rock solid Orthodox. A couple of orders of Monks too for that matter. Religious Orders like the ones pictured in this post are little more than a social club, like the Rotarys.

Anonymous said...

Well, Father, I would comment on this but I think you removed my post the last time I had something to say about nuns in pantsuits & their impact on those alive in the Faith today. So I will just have to content myself with a very sadly stated 'gosh I am so surprised' & keep praying that habited Religious Orders (like the Dominican Sisters of Nashville) keep pointing the way to those of us who actually want our religious to look, act & yes - even dress - 'the part' as they impart Truth to a new generation of Catholics who are tired of turtlenecks & blazers... -pgal