Friday, August 5, 2011


When I went to Wichita this past week to be a part of a conference on stewardship, I heard once again of the marvelous things that are occurring in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.

The most impressive of things is that nearly 80% of registered Catholics attend Mass each Sunday and in some parishes nearly 200 or 300 people attend daily Mass!

In addition, there are many, many people committed to Eucharistic Adoration, praying the Holy Rosary and other devotions. Family life is strong and prayer is at the heart of a significant number of Catholic households.

From this flows a number of wonderful ministries. The Catholics of this diocese understand being a "good steward" in the Biblical sense of being a disciple of Jesus Christ who in his parable of the Good Steward holds up as a model the one who took the gifts given to him and multiplied them in order to give back to his master.

Is Wichita an example to the rest of America and perhaps the world of what happens when Catholics personally invest themselves, all that they have and who they are in their faith and through the grace of God unite the gift of Faith to the desire to do good works all for the building up of God's Church?

I report and you decide.

Oh, through sacrificial giving, those who commit a tithe to their parishes pay no added tuition in each and every Catholic elementary and High School in the diocese.

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Rood Screen said...

In some parts of the world the whole congregation processes to the altar rail to place their gifts in the basket. I wonder if such a procession would better compliment the Communion procession, and more clearly highlight the spiritual significance of the congregational sacrifice (meum AC VESTRUM). This method is still listed as the first option for the offertory in the 2002 GIRM (no. 730.