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UPDATE: Cardinal Burke notified of Vatican apartment changes

To date, there has been absolutely no OFFICIAL confirmation that Pope Francis is removing Cardinal Burke’s Vatican apartment and cardinalate stipend. There is nothing at Vatican News or any of the websites of the Vatican that cover papal meetings and decisions. 

The only confirmation is in the form of gossip from Austen Ivereigh. He gloats over at “Where Peter Is” that he called the pope and received confirmation about Pope Francis’ decision but also that the pope said he did not call Cardinal Burke an enemy. 

All of this is gossip on the part of the pope and Austen Ivereigh, the papal biographer.  

There is now concern that Pope Francis is now compromised in his physical health and soon to be 87 years old, the physical complications with his breathing can lead to a drop in his blood oxygen which then compromises the person experiencing such a thing in a mental way with confusion, hearing voices, and acting like a person with dementia. When blood oxygen levels return to normal levels, symptoms dissipate, but at 87 years old, things will never return to complete normalcy.




On 20 November 2023, in the Apostolic Palace, the Holy Father Francis chaired a meeting with the Heads of Dicasteries of the Roman Curia. There were various topics addressed but one, more than all, made some cardinals turn up their noses. The Pope spoke of his intention to intervene on American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, patron emeritus of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The prelate has been the recipient of a "demonizing" campaign by the press for years. He, more than many others, suffered harsh criticism for having celebrated the Holy Mass according to the vetus ordo, for having taken a position on particularly delicate issues such as life and marriage. But why? It is clear that Burke is the target of that wing of individuals who believe they are Catholic because they are "socially committed". In a historical moment like the current one, therefore, it is clear that a personality like Burke is enemy number one. The press did everything to describe him as "crazy", "out of touch with reality", "rich", "rigid", etc... But the question we asked several of his fellow cardinals was: "But do you know him personally? Has he ever had tea together?"

The answer, unfortunately, is always the same: “No”. This drift was the price of the 2013 conclave. The ideas and impressions of the principles of the Church were based on newspaper articles or television reports. This has caused enormous damage to individual people but, today we can say it with full knowledge of the facts, to the Church itself.

Many times, browsing the countless blogs, one reads declaration after declaration from cardinals that they have never actually uttered. Yet, most people, but also their brothers, believe what they read and their judgment will not change easily. In recent years, therefore, we have witnessed a series of injustices directed towards one or the other and most have commented: "Well, okay, but it's Burke, but it's Muller, but it's..." This happens because we have the belief that they are different from us and therefore they will be affected, we will not. There is the belief that in the end if they were hit "there is a reason". Yet, we are realizing that this is not the case. Today the message is clear: “You could be next”.

Because it is also essential to understand that it is not enough to act like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand, not to contradict the Pope, to pretend that nothing is happening. As we know well, here all it takes is for someone to accuse you of something and the letter arrives from Santa Marta.

Northern Vatican

This is a powerful own goal that Francesco scored and perhaps he didn't even realize it. We are seeing it, day after day the Pope "loses his grip". Also this morning, December 3, he reread a piece of the Angelus that Monsignor Braida had already read. The problem now, however, becomes more and more serious because if we find ourselves facing the same dynamics as the last years of John Paul II, we are really fresh. This is precisely what frightened Benedict XVI. If in 2000 there were stamps that passed from one room to another and episcopal appointments that came out in packets without the knowledge of the dying Pope; Today we can't even imagine what we could face with the entire entourage that Francesco brought with him.

There is one certainty: the law no longer exists. On 28 February 2023 Silere non possum gave the news regarding the Rescriptum on apartments. Precisely on that occasion we reiterated how these ad hoc rules were clearly aimed at hitting enemies and fixing friends. The clause where the Pope reserves any rights, in fact, has already been applied several times.

Just think of when Víctor Manuel Fernández wrote enthusiastically on Facebook that the Pope had personally looked for an apartment suitable for him. Does Fernández pay the rent? Does he pay it at a subsidized rate?

Furthermore, when that Rescriptum was published, many cardinals were deluded by the rule which said that existing contracts were not affected. Yet, with Raymond Leo Burke it didn't go that way at all.

This is not, therefore, about supporters: traditionalists or modernists. The situation is much more serious. At stake is the very function, the essence, of the episcopal ministry and of the cardinalate. If a bishop is no longer free to speak because otherwise he risks having his diocese or even his salary taken away, what parrhesia are we talking about? The Pope will also like the image of the polyhedron but understanding what he looks like here is really difficult if he suddenly changes his mind every day.

North Korea, by now, doesn't give a damn. The Pope's will is to throw out all those who, in one way or another, do not fit into his idea of ​​governance. Is there anything to ask? Now that he sees his strength waning more and more, will he do so with even more freedom? What is the end? To ensure a conclave with only his head?

Burke scares the Pope

While some up-to-date journalists attempt to attribute this provision to the latest Dubia presented, in reality Francis had been harboring these ideas long before. It is clear that the Pope did not utter the phrase: "Burke is an enemy." He would never do it in front of the Heads of Departments, it is also something for fifth graders to do. The bottom line, however, is that the Pontiff is afraid of American Catholicism and is aware that Burke enjoys the esteem of all American Catholics. What the Pope perhaps didn't consider is that taking away his apartment and his cardinal's plate will only create division in the United States. He certainly won't create economic problems because, as we have seen on several occasions, when these measures are in place people react accordingly and support them.

So let's ask ourselves, wasn't Francis the Pope of unity? Wasn't he the "all in" Pope? At WYD, didn't he say "todos, todos, todos"? In Germany, however, a real schism is emerging. In America it's better not to even mention it because otherwise they'll slap you. In Argentina they don't even want to see it. Maybe there is something not working. Perhaps the only thing he has in hand is the press.

All these journalists who are starving and who throw themselves at Francis' table to get a word, repeated a thousand times, but in front of their camera. How beautiful!

Mrs. Doubtfire: new spokesperson

While the Press Office of the Holy See is silent because he no longer knows what to do, Francis for years has continued to issue "pizzini" to those dogs, faithful servants, who spend their days on Twitter pontificating in defense of Bergoglio. Since the news about Burke leaked, the Press Office has been under categorical orders not to talk about the subject. At the same time, however, the journalist who defines himself as the "Pope's biographer", nicknamed Doubtfire here in the Vatican, wrote: "I met Pope Francis on the afternoon of November 27th. It was a short meeting due to his lung inflammation, which meant it took him some effort to speak. During our conversation, Francis told me that he had decided to remove Cardinal Burke's cardinal privileges – his apartment and his salary – because he had used those privileges against the Church. He told me that while the decision was not a secret, he did not intend a public announcement, but earlier that day (Monday) he had leaked it."
Now, is it possible that the confirmations or denials of the Pontiff's words come from a street newsagent who, who knows why, has access to Santa Marta? We have a Dicastery for Communication with hundreds of employees paid to do nothing and the Pope relies on these ambassadors of bad luck? This is also part of the Pope's strategy, who will be able to retrace his steps whenever he wants, perhaps by dumping Mrs. Doubtfire and saying that he told a lie.
We ask ourselves: are there really people who still want to play this game?

Route change

What is certain is that the Sacred College and also the bishops must change course and stop thinking about their own backyard. We cannot think of proceeding in this way. Today it's Burke, yesterday it was Pell, then Becciu, tomorrow who will it be? But how many bishops have felt humiliated in front of everyone? This system is no longer bearable and the Church is also suffering as regards vocations. How many years has it been since we have had people enter the seminary enthusiastic about this pontificate?

Maybe it's time to abandon the fans, the ideologies and it's time to examine one's conscience. Without looking at the small territory of our dioceses but let's think of the Church as a whole, because if it suffers all the members suffer with it.


Silere not possum

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Jerome Merwick said...

St. Vincent of Lerins:

"What then will a Catholic Christian do, if a small portion of the Church have cut itself off from the communion of the universal faith? What, surely, but prefer the soundness of the whole body to the unsoundness of a pestilent and corrupt member? What, if some novel contagion seek to infect not merely an insignificant portion of the Church, but the whole? Then it will be his care to cleave to antiquity, which at this day cannot possibly be seduced by any fraud of novelty."