Thursday, December 21, 2023


Since the Vatican does not give any “Formal Prayers for Those Living in Public Sin”, only giving suggested themes for spontaneous prayers and blessings and no rubrics either are given, here are my suggestions and what I might do if asked:

1. I might just given the Trinitarian Blessing with the Sign of the Cross over each individual, meaning two Signs of the Cross, one for each person.  This seems to me to be a great solution. 

2. In fact, if I offer a spontaneous prayer, it is not allowed to be done with the liturgical holding of hands raised over the couple as in an “epiclesis.”  I will simply hold my hands together in prayer. And again, there will be two Signs of the Cross, one for each person. 

Here is a suggestion, and it is just that, a suggestion, from the Vatican document as to what the prayer might look like:

“(That the) individuals have peace, health, a spirit of patience, dialogue, and mutual assistance—but also God’s light and strength to be able to fulfill his will completely”

Thus, here is an example of what my prayer will sound like, but memorized, not in a written form from a book, which the document does not allow in any way whatsoever as it might hint at being a liturgical prayer if it comes from a book or notebook or some handwritten notes. As well, Fr. James Martin, S.J. (FOF), did not wear an alb or a stole when blessing his first public time for the camera and the New York Times.  Wearing an alb and stole would indicate a liturgical prayer and blessing which the Vatican document forbids:

Let us pray: “O God of purity and chastity, bless these individuals with peace, health, and a with patience, dialogue and mutual assistance. Give them Your light, O Lord of purity and Chastity, to be able to fulfill your will in all things by repenting of their sins of spirit and flesh and being fully reconciled to You and Your Church. Grant each of them this through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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monkmcg said...

Let us not pretend that this is anything other than a fig leaf to cover sin. By definition, a "spontaneous" blessing requires no guidelines or direction because it is spontaneous. It also is not necessary to issue directions from the highest level of the Church it is simply one of the faithful, a sinner similar to how all are sinners, asking for God's grace. The rest of us are, in fact sinners. BUT most of us are not living in a situation of grave sin that cries out to Heaven with no intention of changing that sinful behavior. Everyone willing to think knows exactly what this is.